Richie Rich and the Smellevision set

I love getting email and comments from Richie Rich Comics Fan Club readers and I really love it when I get a request for a particular story and I actually have it and can post it! I received a request for the Smellevision story and thanks to a Richie Rich connoisseur friend, we were able to find it quickly in Jackpots #3.

But, because I feel guilty only giving you five little pages to read, here are two one-pagers as appetizers.

We begin with more #girlproblems.


Always have a back up gift, Richie.  And now, a little morsel of fun and handy inventions…

2014-06-07 20.43.00

And now to the Smellevision set! I can’t imagine how bad some reality shows would smell if we had one!

IMG_0915 IMG_0916 IMG_0917 IMG_0918 IMG_0919

Firefighters in the Rich mansion seem to be a thread this month. And the Smellevision still works despite the flooded house. Do you remember this story? What did you think?


Richie has some problems with the ladies…

Happy July, today we are running a two-for-one girl problems special! The first story involves exploring the Rich mansion, oh happy day!

2014-06-11 20.56.462014-06-11 20.56.562014-06-11 20.57.152014-06-11 20.57.532014-06-11 20.58.10

What a huge mansion, you get bored even while traveling down the hall on rocket skates. How did Mr. Rich ever find that wing of the house to hide Richie’s present? Gloria doesn’t seem to be affected by the “man in uniform” attraction at all! She is quite peeved!

And now, we switch to poor Mayda trying to flirt her way into Richie’s heart. But, Richie is having none of it!

2014-06-07 20.46.56 2014-06-07 20.46.58 2014-06-07 20.47.01 2014-06-07 20.47.08 2014-06-07 20.47.11

Go Richie! Mayda just doesn’t get it. She and Reggie would be a perfect fit, except they would both hate each other too much to get married. I need to find the story where Richie and Mayda get married…or do they? I will look for it and try to post it soon! What did you think of these cute stories?

Richie Rich is a tough kid from the wrong side of the tracks?

Wow, finally a story where Richie is a tough guy! Beating up random townies and getting his street swag on. This story is not for sissies, so pop up your collar and grease back your hair before you read. :)

IMG_0587 IMG_0588 IMG_0589 IMG_0590 IMG_0591

This is the second time that Bascomb has dropped Richie off in the middle of nowhere, not caring a fig for his safety. Not cool Bascomb! If you missed the first time, click here:

Although, if Bascomb knows what a left hook Richie has, perhaps that’s why he wasn’t worried.

Did you see in the big fight where one kid is being used as a battering ram? This story reminds me a lot of The Outsiders. I am happy to be female so I can make friends the conversation way and not the beating them up way! What did you think?


Richie is kidnapped by the Condor! It’s not actually as scary as you think.

Sometimes Richie villains are comical like the Onion, and sometimes they are quite terrifying like the Condor. In this story, however, the Condor acts like a complete moron and may as well be a circus clown! It’s one thing to fall for the rollarskate prank once, but twice? Oh, Condor! (laugh silently and jiggle your shoulders up and down like it’s the end of a Superfriends cartoon).  Enjoy!

IMG_0666 IMG_0667 IMG_0668 IMG_0669 IMG_0670 IMG_0671 IMG_0672 IMG_0673 IMG_0674 IMG_06752014-06-23 14.18.31

Oh Condor, you doofus! And wow, those Harvey characters sure know how to have a good time, that party is still going strong!

2014-06-23 14.18.31

Look at Freckles, chatting up Lotta, who knows what romance may have blossomed this night?

What do you think of the Condor? Were you somewhat embarrassed that your younger self found him scary? I was!

Richie gets the mobsters back together at the old folks home!

It’s interesting that no matter how bad a person was in their youth, when they’re old they get all cute and cuddly again. Such is the case with these vicious mobsters that are just darling and huggable in this fun story!

2014-06-07 20.26.54 2014-06-07 20.26.57 2014-06-07 20.27.00 2014-06-07 20.27.03 2014-06-07 20.27.09 2014-06-07 20.27.18 2014-06-07 20.27.21 2014-06-07 20.27.25 2014-06-07 20.27.32 2014-06-07 20.27.35

I feel like in the first few panels, Richie is saying, “Yeah, yeah, I don’t care, here’s the money, shut up already.” :)

Crowbar Moscowitz leaning on Richie is so cute! And I love the exchange with the hippie and the old guy not understanding each other.

Richie is rather brilliant with the sleeping Crowbar handoff and paying off his own kidnapping, again I think he is saying, “Here’s some money, shut up already.”

I don’t know if I’ve seen a story where Richie is outwardly annoyed by anyone other than Reggie, it was interesting to see. Speaking of interesting to see, I would have loved to see Crowbar’s mom. I imagine she looked like this mom from Spongebob:


What did you think of this fun tale?

The magical 70′s, when an American Airlines plane ride=a free Richie Rich comic!

I remember so well boarding a plane in the late 70′s with my family to go visit Grandma. All of us were gussied up in fancy dresses and suits, for no other reason than because one dressed up to go on a plane. How quaint it seems now! And the best part was waiting until after takeoff, when the plane had leveled off and the stewardesses/flight attendants started walking around taking your lunch or dinner order. Because you were allowed to ask them for a FREE kid’s pack that came with a special American Airlines coloring book and crayons!

But on that particular flight, when we asked the stewardess for our pack, she handed us this:


A FREE RICHIE RICH COMIC!!! WHAT??????!!! I still can’t look at this cover without it raising my heartrate off the charts. How amazing to get your absolute favorite comic as a gift, just for the price of a measly plane ticket. We were expecting the generic coloring book and perhaps a set of wings after visiting the pilot! But, this special day, I got my very own Richie Rich comic that I didn’t have to share with anyone and I was the giddiest goat that was ever giddy!! What a day, what a moment, such bliss………………

We took one more American flight during the time period of Astro comics (1968-1979) and the second comic was as exciting as the first! The only negative was that the flight home was the same comic. But, it was nice to give to a friend as a souvenir.

I also remember the first time they stopped giving out the comics and getting the coloring book instead and just being devastated. You can’t go back to a stupid coloring book after being given the holy grail!

For more information on Astro comics, do check out the links below:—Weekend-Wayback-Machine-AstroComics-the-American-Airlines-Inflight-Comic-Book/630555/1

Here are a few of the one pagers I remember so fondly, every page in this comic seemed like the best one that ever existed!

2014-05-30 10.36.51 2014-05-30 10.39.43

And now, to the nice and long main event. I love this story! Enjoy…

2014-05-30 10.37.08 2014-05-30 10.37.40 2014-05-30 10.37.49 2014-05-30 10.38.07 2014-05-30 10.38.18 2014-05-30 10.38.31 2014-05-30 10.38.43 2014-05-30 10.38.49 2014-05-30 11.11.582014-05-30 10.39.07 2014-05-30 10.39.18 2014-05-30 10.39.51 2014-05-30 10.39.59 2014-05-30 10.40.17 2014-05-30 10.40.28 2014-05-30 10.40.38

What a noble ambition, he always dreamed of having a camp for RICH KIDS! And when they find out they have enough money to also invite the plebian children, all they can think of are the tips they will get. Humpf! I do not think the tall counselor should be around kids, he was quite scary, punching dogs, shooting arrows at kids and whatnot.

Hopefully the chief has other avenues of finding kids to come to camp, otherwise, Richie may as well stay home and play in his Indian village playhouse if it’s just his usual gang. And what was the power source for the teepee tv?

On a side note, I think Richie would be the easiest kid in the world to camp pack for, it’s just one outfit!


Did you like the story? Do you remember getting an Astro comic on the plane?



Richie gets a scary new playhouse and four stories to read!

Today is a good day if you are relaxing and in the mood for Richie stories! I found another father/son bonding story and added it to a previous post. Click below to check out the new second story:

And then, you can click on over to the fabulous Big Blog of kid’s comics at:

where Mykal has a new post with not one, but TWO Richie stories!

And now, to our fourth story of the day. This story scared the bejeebers out of me when I was little. But, I feel it is time to face my fears! Enjoy!

IMG_0819 IMG_0820 IMG_0821 IMG_0822 IMG_0823

My younger self thought that Mr. Rich was dead and that his face had been removed and worn by a creepy monster (and this was years before the movie Face/Off!). I was so scared that I never finished the story to discover it was all a jolly lark!

I still don’t understand why Cadbury has a Mr. Rich mask though. Was he trying to act like Mr. Rich turned into a monster? Why not just be a generic monster? How does one wear two masks? Seems awfully sweaty.

Ah, how amazing to build playhouses you can have adventures in everyday, what a cool life! What did you think?