Mayda Munny and the million dollar pool party

Here’s a cute little tale of fun and fluff, that definitely will appeal to those who love a good reality TV cat fight! Mayda thinks she is all that plus a bag of chips and Gloria is all, “Oh no, girlfriend, you better back it up.” And Richie is all jolly and clueless to the underlying female tension as usual. Enjoy! Meow!

IMG_6806 IMG_6807 IMG_6808 IMG_6809 IMG_6810

I love how despite the media circus and party circuit folk about, Freckles is all business and 100% there to swim and eat!


Stories so sugary sweet you will become a member of the van Lard family!

There are many detractors of our dear Richie who complain about the fact that if he is so rich, why do his best friends live in a hovel? And wear clothes with patches on them and bathing suits made out of old shorts and a rope? Why not give them a house and a couple of allowance payments? Well, the answer appears to be that back in the day, people had pride. They worked hard and would only take your handouts if they could turn around and pay you back. How refreshing!

Here we have an old timey Richie story of charity and sweetness and he is so cute I wish I could hug my screen!

richiescan90richiescan richiescan-2 richiescan-3 richiescan-4

Oh holy cuteness, look at this face!!! Just beaming and brimming with joy!


And today, we are running a special two-for-one promotion! Read one Richie story about charity and get another one, absolutely free!

2013-09-06 13.15.40 2013-09-06 13.16.142013-09-06 13.15.47 2013-09-06 13.16.00 2013-09-06 13.16.08

Now, off you go, give someone some cash today, who knows what might happen?