Choo-Choo! Welcome new readers and climb aboard the Orient “Express” with Richie and Jackie Jokers!

Hello, my dear Richie fans, this has been an amazing week! The lovely posted a link to my blog and I went from the usual (wonderful) 5-15 visitors a day to 72!!! In one day! What??? Crazy! So, welcome to the newbies, if you love reading Richie Rich stories, this is the place for you!

And, I just wanted to share the latest country count from Richie fans around the world that have to come to this little site. How amazing is this! Richie unites the globe!

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 8.59.52 AM

I love every time a new country joins the list!

Anyway, off to today’s story which involves Richie and Jackie and some exciting train hijinks! But first, a little one pager I love where Reggie gets what he deserves.

IMG_0551richiescan-17 richiescan-18richiescan-18_2 richiescan-19richiescan-19_2richiescan-20 richiescan-20_2 richiescan-21richiescan-21_2 richiescan-22

Are you a Jackie Jokers fan?

7 comments on “Choo-Choo! Welcome new readers and climb aboard the Orient “Express” with Richie and Jackie Jokers!

  1. Constance Stinople says:

    I enjoyed these stories quite a bit and I think of Jackie as a geriatric Catskills comedian trapped in a kid’s body which is amusing in itself. I hope word will get back to Turkey that you are attempting to woo them in as a new following country with an Istanbul themed story!

  2. I think the same thing about Jackie, I picture him with guys named Mort and Saul, sitting around the deli, eating pickles and telling vaudeville stories! I love Turkey, but I cannot recall a specific Istanbul or Turkey-based Richie story. There are quite a few with flying Turkish-looking carpets though so I will start taking a closer look at where they take place and when I find one, I will post! Welcome and glad you enjoyed the stories!

  3. Roland says:

    I could only expand the odd numbered pages. Is there a problem with a link?

    Jackie Jokers was good in small doses for me. One issue per sitting.

  4. Ze Mastor says:

    Really nice artwork on this one! Ernie Colon? I’m not a huge fan of Jackie Jokers, but in a story as well-drawn and well plotted as this one, he’s actually tolerable. Some things that I noticed about the art: Pg 2- uncannily accurate East German uniform on eyepatch guy. Pg 3- Hot-looking Slavic Freddie Mercury lookalike in compartment 53. Pg 4- Actual Soviet uniforms on border agents.

    Yup, this story was drawn with amazing attention to detail and loving care and the effort was sadly not noticed by children of the times. Not typical Harvey house artist wage-slave work. It’s gotta be Colon.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think that Jackie is a hilarious little fella and a good friend for Richie. Not only is he a comedy relief but also a big help.

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