Richie creates a way for man to fly and check out the Harvey Mercheum!

There is a brand new blog in Richie/Harveyland,! Did you know that tons of fun merchandise was manufactured featuring Richie and other Harvey characters back in the glory days? From tiny cars to Halloween costumes to soaps and figurines, the Harvey Mercheum hopes to find and showcase them all! If you have any great Harvey items, submit pictures of them to the blog to preserve their glory for future generations and if you don’t, just check in to see all the cool stuff. The more Richie/Harvey blogs and information out there the better, so welcome Harvey Mercheum!

And now to today’s long and interesting story. Richie somehow very easily creates a flying gadget which leads to this statement of importance…


How is this possible? Read on…..

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Excellent security screening there, Richard. The most important invention of the century and you trust it to someone whom you ASSUME someone else has checked credentials on? And I need a little backstory on how this Matt Harry swap happened in the first place. The real Matt Harry doesn’t even work for Rich Industries. How did this guy get in the building? And he just happens to be a crook engineer? And he just hangs out in Matt Harry’s faux office? It would have made more sense to me if he was in the vacationing fellow’s office, Jim Fulcrum, and just answered the phone and said he was in charge now. Curious indeed.

What did you think? Mr. Rich certainly got skinny in the last panel!


4 comments on “Richie creates a way for man to fly and check out the Harvey Mercheum!

  1. hmcurator says:

    Thank you for the kind welcome to blogging land Gloria! I agree with you, the more Richie/Harvey blogs and information out there the better!

    Your observations on this story are spot-on. It’s okay to ask readers to suspend disbelief, here believing Richie’s attempt at fixing a remote could turn it into a flying device, but to then put the crooked inventor at the right place at the right time is a bit much. He could have been spying on the Rich mansion when Pee Wee flew out the window, or seen Richie’s grand entrance into his father’s office building. As for the off-model Mr. Rich in the last panel, maybe flying is a good workout?

    • Excellent points! Thanks for commenting and welcome to the blogosphere!

    • Howard S Sample says:

      Still remember that “flying gang” story from about 1970—that’s when I first read it !

      At any rate, isn’t it rather odd—to say the least–that nothing more was ever said about Richie’s new invention in subsequent editions of RR ? For such a revolutionary invention, it was sure “written off” fast. What did Uncle Sam do with the invention once Richie turned it over to the government ?

      Also….how did people navigate exactly what direction to fly? Flying up, downward, turn left, turn right, slow down, speed up…. The remote control could not have had THAT many buttons on it, could it ?

      Back when I was about nine–in 1970–I didn’t think much about these issues. But now…the whole storyline was rather farfetched—even for RR comics !

  2. Anonymous says:

    This kind of reminds me of Peter Pan. He was a human boy who had the power to fly.

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