Peewee actually talks! And Reggie hangs with the peasants…

It’s Peewee day at Richie Rich Comics Fan Club and we begin with a one pager. I can’t imagine a show I would rather see less than someone wiggling their ears. Thank goodness you get paid to see it!


And now, to the main event! Did you know that Peewee spoke in his first appearance? And, prepare for some name dropping, I heard from SID JACOBSON himself!! (applause, cheering, awed expressions at my coolness) that he decided it would make Peewee more interesting if he didn’t speak. Sid had previously edited Little Max, who also didn’t speak, and he liked how that worked. So now, you know!

For more Little Max, click on the cover:


And now, prepare to be shocked by a word bubble coming out of Peewee’s mouth! And there’s the added bonus of Reggie. Oh my. I don’t even have the urge to punch him today, he is just so ridiculous, one can only laugh and be happy he is not at your house!

IMG_0824 IMG_0825 IMG_0826 IMG_0827 IMG_0828

A $2,000 cowboy outfit in 1960’s money? Would that be a $1,000,000 costume today? I love how Freckles asks snotty Reggie if he has a sore neck! Hee hee!

What did you think of Peewee speaking?


8 comments on “Peewee actually talks! And Reggie hangs with the peasants…

  1. Jim Micsko says:

    Hey Gloria. Greetings from Australia. I’ve just finished reading RR Dollars and Cents # 33 (Nov-69) and in a story towards the back of the comic, Peewee also says “TSK TSK!” and “YUM-YUM YUMMIE!”. It surprised me as I’d rarely, if ever, seen dialogue from Peewee. Thanks for your blog. Regards. Jim

  2. Travis says:

    Wow, that is cool! I did not realize that Pee Wee ever talked, even in just two stories. I love how Freckles and Pee Wee were always such great, reliable friends, even though their families didn’t have the Riches’ wealth.

  3. SteveAsat says:

    I notice that speechless characters are often gifted by their writers with a knack for glancing at the fourth wall. This Pee-Wee seems like a fun enough little-brother type, but the later version often seems to be knowingly rolling his eyes at some of his brother’s excesses…rather like Maggie Simpson.

    It’s a tiny thing, but I noticed that aerial on Reggie’s limousine. I don’t think that’s a radio antenna; it’s a TV antenna. Just a little extra visual gag: how rich is Reggie? Rich enough to have a television in his limo! Rich enough that even Richie calls him “my RICH cousin”! (Unless…ooh, does this mean Reggie is from Richie’s father’s side of the family?)

    • Regina and Vanessa Van Dough are sisters, I got that straight from the horse’s mouth of Sid Jacobson. :). Well, actually it was via email, but close enough! So maybe Richie just meant, “He’s a rich snob.” Perhaps.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand. In this comic, Peewee speaks. But for the remainder of the comics, he doesn’t. Aside from this why doesn’t Peewee talk? Does he have a problem with his voice or throat or something?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if Richie and Little Max ever met.

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