Richie gets the mobsters back together at the old folks home!

It’s interesting that no matter how bad a person was in their youth, when they’re old they get all cute and cuddly again. Such is the case with these vicious mobsters that are just darling and huggable in this fun story!

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I feel like in the first few panels, Richie is saying, “Yeah, yeah, I don’t care, here’s the money, shut up already.” 🙂

Crowbar Moscowitz leaning on Richie is so cute! And I love the exchange with the hippie and the old guy not understanding each other.

Richie is rather brilliant with the sleeping Crowbar handoff and paying off his own kidnapping, again I think he is saying, “Here’s some money, shut up already.”

I don’t know if I’ve seen a story where Richie is outwardly annoyed by anyone other than Reggie, it was interesting to see. Speaking of interesting to see, I would have loved to see Crowbar’s mom. I imagine she looked like this mom from Spongebob:


What did you think of this fun tale?

2 comments on “Richie gets the mobsters back together at the old folks home!

  1. HMCurator says:

    Stage performance is a recurring theme in Richie comics: Jackie Jokers, the origin of Rippy and Crashman…the only thing that would have made the last page better would have been if one of the “mobsters” fired a gun and a flag with “BANG!” came out. And that Spongebob mother image you posted looks like the head of a Sleestak on a bendy straw!

  2. Shabana Hameed says:

    I remember this one very specifically, because I kept thinking what does crowbar’s mom look like?
    Fun reading it again.

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