Rip van Winkle Richie, This is your life!

Today’s story is a special request from a reader and thanks to Tony H., I found it in record time! Richie falls asleep for 50 years and wakes up to a room full of geezers, enjoy!

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So….if Richie is 10 at the most, he would be 60, yet he appears to be 90. Cadbury should be around 90 and still looks fit as a fiddle! Poor Pierre, what kind of horrible future would have no food? I would be dropping by the old chef’s home every day.

What did you think of everyone’s appearance? I don’t see why Irona would get white hair, if anything, it should be a greenish patina. And Mr. Cheepers hasn’t aged a day. Old-timer Freckles and 0ld-timer Reggie could pass for twins! I think Richard and Regina must be getting some botox, or are in clone bodies as they look the youngest out of all the gang. And Gloria, dear, I think we can change our wardrobe slightly in 50 years, no? Or embrace our age with the white hair and lose the bow. I am impressed she is finally covering up her underwear, as would befit a woman of a certain age.

I would have liked some backstory as to what everyone has been doing for the last 50 years. We only know what Pierre is up to. What did you think? Next week’s story will be “This is your life” part 2 with Richard Rich and Jackie!


4 comments on “Rip van Winkle Richie, This is your life!

  1. Steve says:

    I really enjoyed reading this story. It is a great Richie Rich family reunion special for issue 200. I don’t think I read it when it first came out. Back then I was in my senior year in high school and had outgrown comics. Fortunately I never outgrew them enough to get rid of them. I’m glad because just a few years later I learned about comic book stores that had back issues. I was able to buy most of the old Harvey comics that I only dreamed about having as a child and which I never saw on the news stands. This is one I would have bought in the late 1980s from boxes of back issues in a comic book store. I wonder if I missed reading this story until now? Thanks for posting it.

  2. Gee Bee says:

    What a wild story! Kids seem to stay kids even when they get old! No one appears to age consistently, and Dollar has lived for over 50 years! But, I suppose it all gets a pass not just because it’s a comic book, but also because it’s Richie’s dream and therefore anything goes. It’s also strange how Mr. Van Dough is the only one in the final panel that was not in the story. And the Onion is at his party. Did he actually turn good at some point in “real life”? Great story! Never saw that one before!

  3. I hadn’t ever seen this story either, it was a hidden gem! I do remember one story where the Onion became good by becoming friends with Regina and they used his breathe to make an onion fuel that Richard said would power the world’s cars for years to come. I think finding that story shall be my next quest. Thanks for the comments, guys!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Technically being 60 still counts as old age, I think.

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