Mr. Rich drinks Monster Cola and turns into a monster!

Today we have one of those stories with a very exciting cover, yet a story that doesn’t match your expectations at all.


But, first, let’s check out a story that seems very modern. Imagine the number of kids (and ADULTS!) currently at beautiful scenic views and historic locations all over the world, but they are only looking at their electronics. This one-pager is a precursor to this current problem, except that Mr. Rich and his friend seem fine with Richie ignoring the beauty of India. I am not fine with it, put your gadgets down Richie, and look around!!!


And now we have dear Richie beating cousin Reggie for the 800 zillionth time. Will Reggie ever learn?


And now on to the exciting-ish story of Monster Cola!

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Has Mr. Rich ever thought of pulling a Laurence Olivier and saying, “Try acting” to his actors? I think that might be easier. And how hard is acting like a monster? You either have a mask on and no one sees your acting anyway or you lurch around and mumble. I would think he would be better off making “Drama pop” that helps actors get more dramatic and upset and cry in a serious movie.

I was expecting a much scarier story along the lines of lack-of-sleep-Mr. Rich. If you missed it, see below:

And, if you’d like a more exciting story involving drinking and becoming a monster, click below:

Methinks there was more than sugar in that Strawberry pop! What did you think?


4 comments on “Mr. Rich drinks Monster Cola and turns into a monster!

  1. HMCurator says:

    One of my favorite covers, and one of the biggest let-down stories. Regina is acting so out of character there is just no excuse.

  2. To her credit, I did drink a Red Bull once and was karate kicking across the room and jumping everywhere. So…perhaps it was the Strawberry pop!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think Richie was ignoring the natural beauty of India. He was just reviewing his football game footage to identify mistakes and learn from them. Knowing him, he would alternate between watching the footage and the scenery. After all he loves nature. I remember a story in which Richard learns that the bottom of an estate lake is solid gold and wants to the water to get it. However the lake is surrounded by a beautiful variety of plants and animals. So when Richie hears his father’s plan, it upsets him. In fact, he was even crying because of what would happen to the animals and the beautiful scenery. I remember him also saying “Aren’t we rich enough?”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Forgot to mention this but Richard understood and agreed with Richie, thank goodness.

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