What is locked in the Rich Maximum Security Vault?

I am going a bit girlie with the story today, but it has some James Bond intrigue for the boys!

But, first I’ve run across two panels recently that made me laugh. First, we have the pots calling the kettle black in this Lotta cartoon…


Yes, SHE’S fat, but you two guys are clearly fitness instructors! Look in the mirror much, do we?

And, in case you missed it, here’s more on 70’s style plumpness:


And then, this little gem that in the real world would cause a huge male/female divide.


Mrs. Rich might be saying, “How interesting, Cadbury!”, but what she means is, “OH, SO YOU’RE SAYING I’M FAT!!!!” This just made me giggle because in real life Mrs. Rich would be glaring at Cadbury for days and he would have no clue why she was mad.

And now to an interesting little counterfeiting tale…

IMG_1262 IMG_1263

I don’t quite get why it would be a big deal if Mr. Rich bought the treasury. He seems like a delightful man to work for!

And now to find out what is in Mr. Rich’s Maximum Security Vault!

IMG_1126 IMG_1127 IMG_1128 IMG_1129 IMG_1130

Aw, wittle Richie as a wittle baby. So cute! I don’t know why you need all the security measures though, no crook in the world would have any interest in baby Richie pics. And surely the sharks are robot sharks? Or perhaps one of the 600 Rich mansion employees are assigned as shark caretakers.

I think this story must have inspired the end of the Richie Rich movie. SPOILER ALERT: After the scene below, the bad guy discovers the vault is just filled with memories and keepsakes, no money.

Aaaah! I just watched the entire end of the movie again and remembered why I hate the end of this movie. The bad guy (Van Dough) and the Rich’s head of security try to murder the Richs multiple times, try to murder Richie and his friends and CADBURY multiple times, and shoot Richie in the chest at point blank range, again multiple times. Yet, at the end these two men are prisoners working at the Rich estate with only one Department of Corrections officer in charge of them. Why????!!! Why could not they show them in some jail in the middle of nowhere at the end? Why would you have two people who try to murder your child (and yourself) on your estate? There are two of them, they could easily overpower the one DOC officer who has a gun! AAAAAHHHH, I CAN’T TAKE IT!!!

What did you think of this story or of the movie?


6 comments on “What is locked in the Rich Maximum Security Vault?

  1. HMCurator says:

    If you had not made the movie comment, I was going to. You have to love things like this, it really makes you wonder if the people involved with the movie script were even aware of that story.

    The timing of your third story is excellent, as I am running a series of posts on play money on the Harvey Mercheum. If your readers are interested, they are welcome to come visit:

    New exhibit posted, Richie Rich Rich Kid Set

  2. […] What is locked in the Rich Maximum Security Vault? […]

  3. Anonymous says:

    Those treasury police officers obviously don’t know Richie very well. He is not capable of committing crimes. The only reason he once joined that French crime syndicate was because that blow to his head turned him into an opposite version of his true self.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is Van Dough from the movie related to Reggie?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I guess that all that security to guard Richie’s baby pictures was a little overkill. However, they may not have much financial yet, they might in the future. And they are obviously have personal value to the family.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It would appear that the movie was not really true to the original comics.

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