Richie can’t ever be alone on the Rich estate, poor little rich boy

It’s not surprising that with all the people employed by the Rich estate, one can rarely have a moment of solitude. Dear Richie really just can’t get a moment of peace on his own expansive land. He should just stay inside and explore the mansion, no one is ever around inside!

2015-03-01 22.39.03 2015-03-01 22.39.07 2015-03-01 22.39.11 2015-03-01 22.39.15 2015-03-01 22.39.18

I certainly do not! GOODBYE, sir! Sheesh, no need to be so rude. Seems like the birdcounter man could be a fun friend to explore trees with.

And just when you want to relax in your mansion, here comes Hollywood!

2015-02-22 21.34.08 2015-02-22 21.34.11 2015-02-22 21.34.15 2015-02-22 21.34.18 2015-02-22 21.34.21

Yiish! Richie cannot stay out of the fray! Did you remember these stories?

5 comments on “Richie can’t ever be alone on the Rich estate, poor little rich boy

  1. HMCurator says:

    I remember both of those stories! I especially like that there is a lake on the Rich estate big enough and deep enough to require a submarine to explore!

    • That is an excellent point, the estate probably has its own Nessie. Actually, wasn’t there a story where Richie and Reggie find a dinosaur egg and when it hatches a giant sea creature comes out of the water to claim her baby? I need to find that story, hurrah, a Richie mission!

  2. Sid Couchey was so talented and sweet, thanks for posting!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Richie was only being rude because he lost his temper. It happens to everyone. Nobody is perfect, not even Richie.

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