Richie becomes a servant for the day and it is exhausting!

Here are two fun stories featuring basically the same storyline. Richie’s Dad asks him to help entertain clients, but he ends up entertaining the wrong people! The stories vary in that Richie is servantless in the first, has hundreds of cranky staff in the second, but the end result in both is serious snoring! Thank to Larry T. for the first story, and enjoy!

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That boy will go far in life indeed. Little did they realize their caddy could buy and sell them! It’s interesting how many lifeguards and kitchen staff must be paid to sit around all day and do nothing on the Rich estate. Finally they have something to do and it’s all whine with that cheese…

Did you remember one of these classic tales?


6 comments on “Richie becomes a servant for the day and it is exhausting!

  1. HMCurator says:

    I don’t remember either of those stories, funny how similar they are! At least Richie had help in the second story. Of course there were more people as well…

    • It’s funny how there are so many servants lying about until he actually needs one! Maybe Old Skadds could have helped. Irona would really have saved the day, but I guess she didn’t exist yet.

  2. pucciniphile says:


  3. Ze Mastor says:

    I don’t know, I don’t like these kinds of stories. I remember having the comic that contained the 2nd of these stories (“Make Yourself at Home”), a long time ago, I guess what makes me uncomfortable now in reading it is that these stories reinforce the class differences between the 1% and “the rest of us”.

    It touts the idea that the 1% need to lock up their estates, and beef up security, and to never have contact with the general public (unless it’s under controlled circumstances) because if they don’t, a horde of the unwashed hoi polli will take advantage of any kindness, and descend upon them (the 1%) like locusts, eating everything in sight, demanding services they don’t deserve, and then depart, leaving a swath of ruin, all without a whiff of appreciation.

    Now in reality, we (the 99%) aren’t like that! We’re people too, and anyone, regardless of income, can have a sense of justice, fairness and decency. I think that’s why I liked the story of the time when a crooked bookeeper stole the Riches fortune out from under them. The “little people” came through and helped the bankrupt Riches, because they were grateful for the kind and respectful treatment that they received under the Riches (when they were rich). The Rich family’s innate sense of goodness got them a long way that paid off unexpectedly when the chips were down. That’s the kind of lesson that kid’s comics should be teaching.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Talk about crazy misunderstandings. No wonder Richie was so exhausted.

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