The sad tale of when an amnesia ray causes Richie to get yelled at by his parents

One of the great things about Richie stories is the loving relationship he has with his parents. One does wonder why the Riches only had one child with all their wealth and hundreds of staff, but perhaps they foresaw the wrangling and fighting that always accompanies extremely rich siblings running the family empire so they figured this was best.

In this story though, we see the scary side of Richard. I remember hating this story when I was young because he SCREAMS at poor Richie. Even Cadbury is a jerk. But, it is all because they have amnesia, so read on to discover how this strangeness occured…

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Oh, how I hate this frame!!!

2015-08-13 16.40.22

WAAA! Poor Richie!

And, if you like reading stories where Richard is a big meanie, check out:

In other news, it is interesting that not only does the ray cause Amnesia, but the Memory ray also turns your hair from orange to blonde!

How weird was it to see Cadbury sticking his tongue out? Such a rapscallion! But, we have seen him ill-behaved before:

What did you think of this frightening tale?




6 comments on “The sad tale of when an amnesia ray causes Richie to get yelled at by his parents

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I am hoping you might be able to find this one Richie and Casper story I remember, I don’t remember the whole story but on one page Richie and Casper , were on a strange land, I think casper poked his head underground and we see a person by themselves, talking to others through a computer, at the time I thought this to be quite preposterous,probably from late 70s, people looking at computers as the outside world passed them by….

  2. Since it was an amnesia ray and not a personality-altering ray, one wonders if Richie’s dad really harbors that kind of deep-down resentment toward his son? I agree the image of Richard yelling at Richie is a bit disturbing.

    The story does propel the reader along, though. I would have felt better if the conclusion had been that both weapons were dangerous. And I’m also wondering why Richie’s dad hasn’t already started teaching Richie his memory techniques, as he surely expects him to inherit the family fortune some day.

    A fun story, and a compelling read. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous says:

    If Richie was upset by this, he probably be crushed if for some reason his friends and family suddenly betrayed him, disowned him, through him out and said that they never want to see him again. It would be worse if the entire world turned against him, labeled him as public enemy number 1, had him arrested and sentenced him to a life term in jail, or worse, death. That would probably make a good Richie story though. Of course it would most likely be just a bad dream.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you think that this is sad, I remember an episode that was much sadder. In it, Richie is betrayed by someone he thought was his friend. He was really hurt.

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