Dr. Meek and his magic buttons try to mind-control the world!

Today we have a special request for this Casper and Richie team up featuring Dr. Meek. Enjoy!

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How weird is it to see Dr. Meek disliking Richie? That never happens, everyone thinks Richie is delightful all the time. Dr. Meek calls him a spoiled brat! And says he’s an okay boss’s son. So shocking in a Richie story! Remember when Richie knocks into Dr. Creemy and he doesn’t seem to mind, but perhaps his thought bubble would not be so jolly either.


Dr. Meek is a big jerk, he gets complimented by Mr. Rich, but just wants to basically murder Richard’s son by sending him nowhere! Ha on you, Dr. Meek, ya putz, Richie is quite at home in the Enchanted Forest!

I wonder how long it takes Casper to fly to the real world and to Richville? Perhaps there is a magic portal somewhere in the forest he can just fly through.

And look, Cadbury is behaving like a jerk as well, such a strange sight to see!

I like how the people in the caves are given “Zombie” buttons. Why not just “Obey” buttons? Do you really need them to go lurching around eating brains? Hee hee. Perhaps they could eat Dr. Meek’s brilliant brain because he needs some punishment in this story. Why is he allowed to be a big jerk to everyone, an attempted murderer and sociopath, yet everyone is all jolly at the end and pals. No. I want him punished!

I have created my own new ending that makes me happy. Rot in jail, Dr. Jerk!


What did you think of this story?


9 comments on “Dr. Meek and his magic buttons try to mind-control the world!

  1. John says:

    Thank you so much for posting this story. You do a great job with these classic stories. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. pucciniphile says:

    The only flaw I could see is that there is no explanation for Dr. Meek’s change of heart.
    I was expecting the evil Dr. Meek to be revealed as an impersonator and the meek Dr. Meek to be found bound and gagged in a hideout.

    Incidentally, I though Dr. Keanbean was the inventor for the Rich family. Was this story written before Dr. Keanbean was introduced?

  3. John says:

    There were a lot of unanswered questions in this story.The biggest one is what happened to Wendy’s stolen wand and broom???? Were they destroyed once the buttons were defeated??? Were they still in the machine??? I always was curious about that. Dr. Meek should’ve been put behind bars for his actions as well.

  4. John says:

    I always thought Wendy was the only one with common sense in these Richie and Casper stories anyways, Richie always thought he was dreaming, and Casper always embellished it.

  5. mary says:

    whoa, lots of dystopian undertones, with the people blindly obeying as mindless zombies and the guards being just greedy control freaks, and the way out of being controlled is the “think” for yourself thing. sounds similar to what we hear about certain places in the world (ahem), very much over the heads of children but, the jaded adult would see it right off. however aside from that stuff, it was a lot of fun to read and casper saved the day. i dont recall a richie comic where one story dominated the whole issue. it would have made an interesting cartoon episode.

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