Happy New Year and Richie enters a very strange dream machine with Casper


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope everyone’s year is off to a great start and hope you all got to sleep in because your brain will need to work overtime to follow along with this wacky story!

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Well. Indeed. What to say about this story, I have no idea. It was interesting, I’ll give it that! And I like supermodel Regina’s look, but do not like stupid Mayda slapping my Cadbury.

And mean Mr. Rich, he always scares me, even as an adult. YIIISH!

2015-12-15 18.36.24

And here is the sun that our dear fan club member Steve remembered from the olden days. It is quite beautiful!

2015-12-15 18.41.02

It’s funny; the tiny, artistic details we remember from these Richie stories that we first read so long ago. Like Stevie Strange’s whiskers that stayed with me for most of my life!


All in all, I am quite happy no one has invented a machine like this because your dreams should be just for you! Were anyone else to see them, they would think you were a psychopath! What did you think of this acid trip story?




7 comments on “Happy New Year and Richie enters a very strange dream machine with Casper

  1. mary says:

    boy, my dreams are boring compared to richie’s. it was quite a trip, thanks for uploading

  2. John says:

    This was probably one of the weirdest Richie and Casper stories of all time but one of the best!!!! Like I said before even with her brief appearance in this story, Wendy is the only one in these stories who makes the most sense, she gets mad everytime Richie thinks he’s dreaming and Casper just embellishes it. Happy New Year and keep up the great work!!!

  3. When I was a kid, I didn’t understand this story…it just seemed weird and kooky. But now that I know something about the psychology of dreams–and regularly paying attention to my own dreams–the story works on many levels. After having read this, I was delighted to discover that I still own this book! Not only that, I know exactly where it is, so I can re-read it when I choose.

    I’m glad you’re posting some of these Casper and Richie stories. I think Casper was the best co-star (outside of his own series) that Richie worked with–their personalities blend together very well. Not sure why Richie always thought of Casper as a dream…Richie’s own life is pretty fantastic, so how could a friendly ghost seem that far-fetched to him?

  4. Chris Wright says:

    Excellent! Thanks for the great post. These comics are getting less and less common. Will they ever update Richie? I don’t think I can picture him with a cellphone and facebook.

  5. Glad you guys liked it, thanks for the comments!
    Chris – You are about to see him with a cellphone!

  6. SteveAsat says:

    Wow, no wonder I could never recall the plot of this story – that Julius Caesar interlude comes right out of nowhere. And then WHAM, that sun! I’m tickled that my memory of that panel was so accurate. Often my memory pulls tricks on me, especially with things that seem so important that I couldn’t possibly be wrong.

    I was having a laugh at Mr. Rich’s 1970s leisure suit, but then came the image of him carrying that safe like some kind of an ironic punishment in Hades. Am I reading too much into it to say he looks as if he realizes how much heavy responsibility all his wealth confers?

    Cadbury can run on water? I suspected as much. And he’s a lion, like…Aslan? Hmmm. Okay, now I’m definitely reading too much into things.

    • Interesting, about Cadbury indeed. It speaks highly of the Richies how they treat him so well, even though they don’t realize he may be a REALLY BIG DEAL. đŸ™‚ And Reggie will definitely not be going to Heaven.

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