Richie & Reggie go on a nightmare cruise and another rich, childless Uncle tries to unload his wealth

Today we begin with a bit of weird, modern Richie fun. Chris commented on the last post how weird it would be to see Richie with a cellphone and viola! I present, Richie, with a gold iphone!


New issues of Gems were published by Ape/Kidzoic in 2012 that contained old, re-colored stories, new stories drawn in the new way (not my cup of tea) and NEW stories drawn by Ernie Colón and written by Sid Jacobson. This is from one of the new stories in Gems Winter Special. I can post the story if you’d like to see it, just let me know in the comments below.

And now to a story I love that was in one of my original Richies that is so loved the cover fell off long ago and I have no idea which issue it is! It’s funny how the first few comics you read and re-read back in the day seem like THE classic Richie stories, although to others, they are brand new to them! This is a quintessential Richie story for me and Reggie’s spazzing out face is my favorite!

2015-08-13 13.17.58 2015-08-13 13.18.05 2015-08-13 13.18.12 2015-08-13 13.18.19 2015-08-13 13.18.34

Go Harkins! Way to save the day!

And now we go to yet another Richie/Reggie relation, popping up out of the woodwork, offering his fortune to one of the two boys. Why do these men never have anything else to do with their money?

A.) Why not have a kid at some point and give your fortune to your own kid?

B.) Why not give your fortune to charity? These kids need no extra money!

C.) Why not split the fortune in two? Why the competition?

D.) Why not travel the world and blow all the money you spent a lifetime accumulating? It’s your money!

This Uncle is definitely the warmest and cuddliest out of the Uncle stories, despite Reggie almost killing him with the arrow!

2015-08-13 13.18.48 2015-08-13 13.18.59 2015-08-13 13.19.042015-08-13 13.19.132015-08-13 13.19.20

E-V-I-L-K-I-D indeed! And if you like this story, there’s plenty more where that came from!

What did you think? What are your favorite “classic Richie” stories?




12 comments on “Richie & Reggie go on a nightmare cruise and another rich, childless Uncle tries to unload his wealth

  1. mary says:

    agh, reggie is such a snot! but i’d still like to see the story with him and richie and the golden cellphone

  2. HMCurator says:

    Okay, I must be feeling particularly cynical today. Why, in the first story, third page does Richie call Harkins for help, then “save the day” himself? Did he really have Harkins come to the bridge just so he could congratulate Richie on pulling a lever?

    And then how did Harkins and the boys survive in a rowboat in a storm bad enough to stall the engines on a good-sized yacht without getting smashed to bits, seasick or even wet? Crazy.

    I’m not feeling the love on the second story either. I agree with your points, and would add that how much love could there be between Richie and an uncle he’s never visited much before?

    Oh well, thank you for sharing these stories anyway!

    • I totally agree! I like your cynical comments, they are spot on! And why couldn’t Richie just pop the steering wheel back on if it’s that’s easy to remove? 🙂

      • HMCurator says:

        Someone must reattach the wheel, it is back on in the last panel on the third page. I would like to imagine that Richie could not do it immediately because Reggie was playing “keep away” with it. Maybe Harkins put a stop to that and then put the wheel back on…

  3. Chris Wright says:

    Can’t wait for the Richie $phone story but agreed the art can’t compare to the old school four colour lithography and confident hand drawn style. That digital drawing… weak- but I still need to see the story!
    That spazz out image of Reggie would make a good t-shirt.
    What a great site! I’d exhausted all the cheap sources of Richie Rich comics in my city! Thanks much!

  4. Amanda W says:

    The removal of the wheel reminds me of a story my grandpa likes to tell. He had a friend who did that to his car. It was an old car (duh, grandpa is 84 😉 so his friend was able to connect wires to the steering cables (I guess) and drive with his knees. When ever someone would complain about his driving, he would hand then the steering wheel. Scared them something awful! Great stories as usual! Can’t wait for the next ones!

  5. John says:

    I always used to laugh when Reggie’s servants used to slip and say Monster or Maggot instead of Master when addressing Reggie’s demands.LOL

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