Political coups out the wazoos plus Richie wins everything!

Happy Opening Day! If you’ve never read the famous Richie history of baseball story, perhaps today is the day! Head on over to Occupy Richie Rich and enjoy yourself!



In non-baseball news, this first story seems a bit risqué, but was quite interesting and a bit different than the usual Richie fare. Except for Richie being kidnapped, that happens every week!


I wonder if Richie enjoyed being around others who walk around in tuxedos all day? He was dressed like everyone else for once! And if you like stories where Richie pays off people who are trying to ransom him, check this one out: https://richierichcomicsfanclub.wordpress.com/2014/06/13/richie-gets-the-mobsters-back-together-at-the-old-folks-home/

Now to a very stereotypical Richie classic where Richie does what a Rich does best!


Oh, how the townspeople must hate this family!

Whitey Bloop! That is going in my favorite names pile with Snerdly Gerp.

What did you think?



7 comments on “Political coups out the wazoos plus Richie wins everything!

  1. HMCurator says:

    Two awesome stories! So much fun! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. john9 says:

    Thanks for posting.

    Richie was also in a similar carnival story in which he went through the carnival with Gloria playing games like these. However, this time he was convinced he wasn’t going to win and walked away from each game not knowing he won. In the end he won the drawing for the hunting lodge and found out he won the prizes to furnish the lodge in the other games.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Has there ever been an incident where foreign government agents took Richie prisoner because they labeled him as an enemy of their country?

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