Money, money, everywhere, but not a drop to drink…

I wonder why crooks are always sneaking in through the windows at the mansion? All they really need to do is sit around for two minutes anywhere near the estate and money will come flying through the air at them! Or scratch a stick at some grass and a vault will pop up and spew cash and coins!

But, while crooks like all this cash, dear Gloria is not down with all the miscellaneous money hither and thither on the estate. And try as he might, Richie cannot hide the dollars hanging around underfoot in today’s top story….


Hee hee, what a cute story! One thing that you may have noticed as well is that Richie is sporting the white underwear/diaper look quite a lot in the stories today. Perhaps he is trying to bond with Gloria in the panty showing stakes!

And now to a cute one-pager, I would love to be Richie’s maid!

2016-05-08 20.33.26

And more vulgar displays of wealth! Did we accidently wander into Aunt Novoo Rich’s house?


So strange to see Richie being spanked! That never happens!

And now, one last story of Richie accidently showing off his wealth and very pasty legs; which is also the very sad story of security guards with horribly boring jobs.

2016-05-08 20.39.042016-05-08 20.39.082016-05-08 20.37.542016-05-08 20.39.222016-05-08 20.39.26

My, what a fun job. Standing in a closed room on the off-chance one of three people might want to enter and look at some art for five seconds once every six years. Yiish! And the gunman must have been so excited to point his gun at someone! He probably is only guarding the diamond from birds and squirrels on most days. Not my cup of tea on the job front.

Maybe those are the jobs that Mr. Rich gives to the criminals whom he promises jobs to when they get out of jail. If they can stop themselves from stealing, they are proven to be rehabilitated and can go on to business or scientist jobs in Rich Industries.

Do you like Richie showing off his wealth stories? Why do you think no one ever seems to notice that Richie’s shorts or legs aren’t colored in before these were published? And if you like weird colorization in Richie stories, check this out:





8 comments on “Money, money, everywhere, but not a drop to drink…

  1. Melvin Wisenheimer says:

    I wonder how many different artists drew Richie Rich? The artist that did Richie’s mom with white hair is one of my more favorite artists. Great stories. Who is your favorite artist, I know of Sid couchy , Warren cremmer

    • I was more into Richie in the 70’s which was Ernie Colon, but I love how cute and young he is in the earlier stories. Thanks for commenting!

      • Okay, I got some news straight from top Harvey Historian, Mark Arnold, on the various Richie artists. See below from Mark:

        Q: How many artists drew Richie Rich?

        MA: Geez. At least a dozen. Some for very short times. Here’s the basic list. Steve Muffatti, Warren Kremer, Ernie Colon, Sid Couchey, Ben Brown, Ken Selig, Angelo De Cesare, Dom Sileo, Howard Bender, Jorge Pacheco, Carlos Gomes de Frietas, Milton Knight, Dave Manak, Scott Shaw!, Hal Sherman, Bill White, and there’s more if you count the redesigned Richie from the APE/Kizoic issues, but I figured that you weren’t asking about that.

        For the most part, however, it was Kremer, Colon, Couchey, Brown, Sileo, Bender and De Cesare during the classic years through 1982.

  2. SteveAsat says:

    I still own pretty much every Harvey comic I ever had as a kid, but haven’t reread any in decades except in digital form. There are a lot of assumptions I have about them that I suspect might be disproven if I ever make the time to revisit Harveyville. One that I guess WON’T be debunked is my recollection that a lot of Richie stories were pretty much a string of money-pops-up-in-odd-places gags.

    I too was a bit perplexed at the Art Room (I’ll presume just one of many). Putting guards on that ONE room in a mansion where cash literally falls out of chandeliers suggests that it isn’t the ART that’s being protected. Maybe that’s the NUDE Art Room! That’d explain why Gloria gets chased off. Maybe you need a parental permission slip to enter.

  3. Melvin Wisenheimer says:

    It would have been nice if Harvey had written the artist, colorist and letterer names for each story and given credit. The first story in today’s blog seems as if the artist threw it together in a few minutes, not much detail or color,the second story looked much better

  4. Anonymous says:

    You know, Richie does get into trouble with his parents sometimes, just like all kids do. There have been a few stories about that.

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