The Rich mansion gets a good clean and Peewee thwarts some crooks

The below one-pager was a request from a fan club member and I’m so glad a friend was able to find it. Richie Rich comics do more than just entertain us, they teach us too! The only odd thing is that the final number is wrong, I did the calculations and thought I just messed up, but this blog confirms my numbers.

Either way, great story!


Here’s the original version, the above is from the recolored and digitized 2012 GEMS.

2016-04-21 12.18.18.jpg

Ha! So there, stupid Reggie!

And now, another memorable one-pager starring Richard Nixon!

2016-05-12 08.27.51.jpg

I can’t imagine how much that check is for! I’m surprised all the zeros can even fit on the check!

Now to a cute story about Richie’s loyal friends and how they seem to be just fine with poverty. And leaving little kids at home alone who are allowed to answer the door.

2016-04-22 23.22.212016-04-22 23.22.252016-04-22 23.22.292016-04-22 23.22.332016-04-22 23.22.40

Oh Freckles, if only you knew what a genius he was! If you like stories where the Friendly family chooses not to accept easy wealth, check this out:

And the bottom story here:

Now, for a very fun story of a man who likes to clean and the butler who wishes he would bugger off!2016-05-08 20.31.172016-05-08 20.31.222016-05-08 20.31.372016-05-08 20.32.122016-05-08 20.32.35

Cadbury wearing sunglasses! That’s a sight you never see! And the mine is so white, even Richie’s shorts join in the fun.

I would think that every time you mine some coal, it would make everything black again so this would be a never ending battle to keep the cave white. But, I will admit, I really like to clean too, so I get it.

Did you like these stories?



11 comments on “The Rich mansion gets a good clean and Peewee thwarts some crooks

  1. Melvin Wisenheimer says:

    I loved the Richard Nixon story, do you have any idea what comic book that appeared in? I think I have seen Nixon in a couple other Harvey comic stories, I am pretty sure that they were Richie Rich stories. Hmm maybe a Jackie jokers comic? Any idea if Kennedy appeared on any Richie Rich? Or Johnson , Ford or Carter? Or even Reagan or Bush?

  2. Amanda W says:

    I’m so happy you posted these! I was missing you. 🙂 About the doubling penny, think about how much you would get in total! (Adding every day together)

  3. SteveAsat says:

    Between Dot Polka’s relatives and the mansion staff, I think there’s sufficient evidence that there’s an environmental cause for obsessive-compulsive disorder…and whatever it is, the local water supply is full of it.

    The Friendly home is nicer than I recall. Some stories depicted it as an outright shack, IIRC, not much different from that playhouse. Then again, those are probably more fun to draw. Casper’s house was pretty dilapidated too, but consistently so. Always with a blue roof – I figured they painted it blue for some ghostly reason, the challenges of color-matching on newspaper quite lost on me.

  4. Michael says:

    The doubling a penny trick featured in a different Richie story as well – in that story, Reggie needed to hire a temp butler for 30 days, and the butler (whose name was Sharpingham) offered to work for a penny as long as Reggie doubled it each day. Richie tried to warn Reggie, but Reggie wouldn’t listen…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Those crooks learn a valuable lesson, never underestimate the little guy.

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