Our 3 year anniversary, the Richie Rich app, and Richie & Reggie take a trip around the world!



And, on this momentous occasion, let’s take a little trip back in time to the magical year, 2012, when Ape/Kidzoic reprinted Richies and Richie Rich made his short-lived grand comeback.

I fell back in love with Richie Rich in early 2012 while visiting my parents’ house and discovering my old comic stash in the closet. I had no idea that 2012 was a Richie Rich zeitgeist that hadn’t existed in 20 years and that would end quickly due to Ape’s financial problems.

I started my love fest by heading to the comic book store where they directed me to the new Ape/Kidzoic GEMS and the giant Richie Rich Dark Horse collection (only $20 back then). Did I appreciate how lucky I was to walk in and buy Richie Rich comics? No! I had no idea they hadn’t been in production since the early 90’s! Try to find Richie in a comic book store today and they look at you like you have three heads.

But, I still wanted a portable version of Richie because as a child, I always brought Richie Rich comics to read in the doctor’s waiting room. Even today, as I walk into any appointment, I start craving a RR comic.

This is what led me to think, “Hey, it’s 2012, surely every single Richie Rich comic has been scanned into the internet and I can read them all on an app on my phone!” I went to the app store and sure enough, there was a Richie Rich app! Again, I had no idea how lucky I was to download it then nor that the app would be defunct by the end of 2013.

The app featured the new 2012 version of Richie and Dollar and looked like this:

mzl.yyuqwznv (1).png

Once you clicked on the app, it showed all the Richie comics you had downloaded. I downloaded 12 of them, there were 4 others, but one was Crashman & Rippy which I hated, and the other three I believe were the new 2012 Richie. Each issue was 29 pages long, plus the cover and had NO ADS and no Lotta or Dot. Just Richie. The negative was that only the first story (a five pager) was in color, the others were all in black and white.

The app does still work on my very ancient ipad, I can’t download anything new as the app isn’t supported, but I can read what I already downloaded when it doesn’t crash. This is what it looks like:


For more information on the greatness that was the Richie Rich app, click below:


The reason for my trip down memory lane is that I found today’s story on the app, but I didn’t feel posting a black and white story would be very exciting. Then, a few weeks ago, I pulled out a 2012 Gems and there it was in color! So, enjoy this awesome story of Richie and Reggie traveling across the world in beautiful digitized Technicolor! And stay tuned for a 3rd anniversary present at the end..


Richie’s in a baby carriage with a parachute!! And the rules seem odd, you can’t be on a train, yet you can be pulled by a train. I love Reggie’s French! And I’m curious to know what the farmer will do with motorized skates. How will that help on a farm? Perhaps he is building a roller disco next to the farm.

And now to your present! You may not have noticed, but adult coloring books have become all the rage in the past year. It is a great stress reducer. So, I am adding some black and white pages of this story from the app which you can print out and whenever you’re feeling stressed, just color a panel in! It’s like a free massage!


And if there is a page you really want to color that I didn’t post, just let me know. I’d love to see your finished work if you do color a page in. Have a great day, happy anniversary, and thanks for being a fan club member!



16 comments on “Our 3 year anniversary, the Richie Rich app, and Richie & Reggie take a trip around the world!

  1. Travis says:

    Happy 3-year anniversary!!

    Yes, I was so excited in 2012, too, about the new material and reprints! Ultimately I think I still prefer my Richie Rich classic, but it’s always good to try reinventions! (Even on Netflix, I guess.)

    I downloaded the app and have similar experiences with it these days! I didn’t realize the troubles Ape was having, so thanks for explaining–they just suddenly disappeared!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Steve C. says:

    Congratulations on three years! I never thought to go look for a Richie Rich app or for scans of all RR comics on the internet. I have almost all of the Harvey comics from the mid-1950s through about 1977. If only I had the time to scan them all and someone with a server to host them!

  3. HMCurator says:

    Wow, congratulations Gloria! Fantastic! Here’s to many more!

  4. Daniel aka Melvin Wisenheimer says:

    Congratulations on 3 years of hard work and fun Gloria, I have enjoyed your blog, very fun and informative.

    In the early 1990 there was a Richie Rich relics comic that came out, it had many old stories probably from the 50s 60s , I think there was maybe 6 issues, I have 2 of them . Maybe I could scan them and send them to you? I have no idea how to send to a blog, lol

  5. Dean says:

    I hope someone can help.

    My mother bought me Richie Rich comics when I was really young. One particular page in one comic had a profound influence on my life. I do not have much details except the image that is burnt into my brain.

    On this page, Richie, is flying in what I can only describe as some type of flying saucer or hover vehicle. The saucer (or pancake, because I remember it being curved like a pancake flying through the air) had an open cockpit and I believe it was yellow. Another character (perhaps Cadbury or an antagonist) was also flying in one but this one was red. Or the colors could be the other way around.

    I think the comic is mid 80’s. I also think this scene is part of the very beginning of a story.

    Like I said, the image had a profound influence in my life and I have been dreaming of those types of vehicles ever since I first saw that picture. I even went so far as to getting 3 types of pilot licenses and am working on my 3rd and 4th types.

    I kept my comic book collection, but our house was burgled in late 90’s while we were on vacation and they took everything.

    After 30 years the image is getting fuzzy and I don’t want to lose it.

    Please can you let me know where I can find this comic or page from the comic?

    Kindest Regards,


  6. Hi, I haven’t forgotten about you, I will keep looking and I know one day when I least expect it, I’ll come upon a story of Richie in a flying pancake!

  7. Ze Mastor says:

    “The Mad Mad Big Big Race”… what an epic story! Looks like a mashup of “Around the World in 80 Days” and “It’s a Mad Mad World”. I’m trying to guess when this Richie Rich story was first published. My guess is early-1960s? This is based on the background characters. All those men wearing hats and suits on airplanes! And the way that a Japanese captain and ship are depicted. And Reggie paying only $250 for that pedal-driven paddle wheel catamaran. That boy must have some serious leg muscles! To be able to drive those two massive paddle wheels in the water! LOL.

  8. Anonymous says:

    When Richie took that outrigger canoe all the way across the Pacific Ocean, he was following in the footsteps of the ancient Polynesians. They were voyagers, and they colonized the entire South Pacific using only their outrigger boats and a special method of navigation called wayfinding.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of Polynesian wayfinding, I think Richie would enjoy it if he tried it himself. Also, I saw the Richie Rich Rescue Comics. Its to bad they are no longer made, but it was nice while it lasted. The 2012 version of Richie was really handsome. Plus, those comics took Richie’s courage to a whole new level. I remember in one issue there was a VR super hero adventure. In it, Richie was Superman, Gloria was Wonder Woman, Reggie was Batman, Cadbury was the Incredible Hulk, Freckles was Aquaman, and Pee-Wee was Dare Devil. In addition Pee-Wee spoke throughout the entire story.

    • Peewee spoke! Wow! I never read the new Richie as I like old timey sweet Richie more than action, but that sounds interesting!

      • Anonymous says:

        Indeed. Richie’s courage may be on a new level in those comics but other than that, he hasn’t really changed. He is still the sweet, sensitive kindhearted, generous, fun loving, and friendly boy we all know and love.

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