Cadbury attends the Butler’s convention and Richie gets a forcefield

Whoops! I have been neglecting this little blog, time to get my Richie hat back on!


Gadzooks, I’m happy when I find an old $5 in my jeans!


This doctor knew where his bread was buttered, no “lose some weight, eat better, exercise more”.

This next story is from the defunct Richie Rich app and is one of the many stories where Cadbury hangs out with other butlers. They never seem to mind that he wins every butler contest!


Wow, Mrs. Rich made some tarts all on her own? That is more shocking than Cadbury standing on his head unassisted! In interesting news, one can still employee a butler, I have never seen one in real life!


What an amazing invention! You could strap it on your child or even your baby and never worry about them getting hurt! Maybe this woman had a prototype and that’s why she wasn’t worried about sending her baby off a cliff with a cardboard.

Happy Holidays!




14 comments on “Cadbury attends the Butler’s convention and Richie gets a forcefield

  1. HMCurator says:

    Happy holidays to you too Gloria! Thanks for sharing these charming stories!

  2. Amanda W says:

    I was so happy to wake up to the notification you had posted. Thank you for the great stories!

  3. I love this website! I’m trying to remember whether or not Cadbury ever had his own comic book. If he didn’t, he certainly should have!

  4. Mary Rye says:

    need more! when i was a kid, i was so addicted to these richie comics. i would wander the neighborhood looking for discarded soda bottles to redeem at the store (a dime a piece) so i could buy the latest issue. thank you uploading

    • Yes! I need some nudging, and I am preparing one to post tonight or tomorrow. :). In the meantime, there’s a ton of old posts to read or re-read. I love Richie comics so much, I wish I had appreciated them more when they were everywhere!

  5. There are some who theorize Cadbury may be ex-military (like Alfred Pennyworth in some versions of Batman), perhaps RAF or SAS. I think there’s something to that….

  6. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if Cadbury ever worked for English royalty, or at least nobility.

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