Richie helps Mr. Glad and Reggie helps himself to some thorns

We’re going back in the Wayback Machine to some early Richie from the Richie Rich Relics comics. I love how cute they are drawn in the early days and I’m so grateful for these newer versions because my early Richies are brown and crumbling.

This first story is yet another one where in today’s world Richie would be considered a Gloria stalker, but back then we just thought it was cute. Although I can’t imagine Harveyville is very far from Richdale, surely it’s just a yacht length away!

(*If you don’t get that hilarious reference, you will further down the page!)


Oh the olden days, when we didn’t know what hot dogs were made of!

And if you like tales of Richie trying to control Gloria’s life, you will like the second story here:

And now for the yacht reference, I can’t find my color version of this so I apologize for the black and white.


Waahaa! Now you get the hilarity!

And now to a one-pager, I love when Richie is dressed in his “poor” clothes. All those destitute kids wandering around in the 50’s with striped shirts instead of tuxedos, it was easy to spot the lower class indeed.IMG_2412.jpg

Did you see their names in the window? Hee hee! Richie should have brought his denim and rhinestone checkbook case to go with his attire.

And if you like stories of Richie in non-fancy clothes, see here:

And now to something I really enjoy, when Richie gets to stick it to Reggie. IMG_2413.jpg

And there’s more where that came from, here’s a great story where we can sneer away at dumb ‘ol Reggie. As Freckles would say, “WHEEEEE!”


Reggie made an incredibly well planned fake treasure map. He missed his calling as a cartographer. I like when Richie doesn’t try to be nice and include Reggie despite his jerkness. He just says “So long sucker!”

If you like stories of Reggie getting trounced, see here:

And if that’s not enough, just search Reggie in the search box by the magnifying glass at the top of this page for more stories. Have a great weekend!


9 comments on “Richie helps Mr. Glad and Reggie helps himself to some thorns

  1. SteveAsat says:

    “Hot Dog Factory” is an inherently funny workplace, like a Pickle Works. Seeing the owner PLOP! backwards at Richie’s cash offer makes me wonder how much Harvey pioneered that kind of ultra-slapstick in comics. Casper, their flagship title, started out as a 1940s cartoon series dedicated to exploring the question “what would it look like if a guy actually jumped out of his skin in fright?” (Tex Avery perfected such animation, but did Harveytoons do it first?) So no wonder if Harveyville is full of adults who come completely unglued at the sight of a block-long limousine, a girl eating a four-foot-tall sandwich, or polka-dotted shoes.

    (In fact, I seem to recall a Little Dot story about one of her 8,000 uncles who was deemed high strung, so Dot was warned not to startle him. I pity the artist who had to try and differentiate this guy from the “normal” townsfolk, whose hats fly off at the least provocation. “So…should I make his ears bleed? Maybe just have him curl into a fetal position and whimper? I think we’re getting into an area of diminishing returns here.”)

    I love Reggie’s beach shirt. It succinctly conveys “In case you’ve never met me before, I’m rather obnoxious” in that way comic art from the 1950s does. It could easily have turned up in a “They’ll Do It Every Time” strip about “Transistorized Teddy is confident that EVERYONE at the park wants to share his love of oompah-band music….”

    • Love this! Reggie’s shirt is so cheesy, and who doesn’t wear long pants to the beach? Well, I guess actually only Richie, everyone else does wear long pants. Dot seemed to have a lot of high strung Uncles, that Grandma and Grandpa were very busy making a ton of children as Dot had 9,000 aunts and uncles! Thank you for sharing your opinion, I love it!

  2. Mary Rye says:

    rarely see richie sticking it to reggie, and i’ve Never see RR in common clothes. good ole stories, especially the treasure map one, the kind of story i would have enjoyed as a kid who lived by the beach. thank you for uploading, have a nice weekend!

  3. Alan says:

    Wasn’t the Richie Richie Relics title a great idea? Reprinting classic RR stories from back in the day when RR was a backup feature in Little Dot and Little Lotta.

    And no worries about the B&W entry; looks like you scanned it from that trade paperback released by Dark Horse about 10 years ago. I think it was part of the Harvey Comics Classics library? Most of those TPBs are going for more than cover on eBay and Amazon, especially the RR one! My only complaint with those is that most of the pages in each are in black and white. Other than that, great stuff. A shame they didn’t release future volumes…

  4. Michael says:

    I also loved Reggie’s shirt, it seemed just like what a rich person with extravagent tastes would wear. I’ve seen Harkins before as Reggie’s chauffeur, it’s not sure who he works for here, but since he routinely called him Monster Reggie, I could easily see him joining Richie to play a prank on his boss’s obnoxious son.

  5. Thanks for the chapter and please keep up the good work (^-^)LikeLiked by 1 person

  6. Anonymous says:

    If Gloria really did move away forever, or worse died, Richie would be heartbroken. His love for her is that strong.

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