What time is it? TIMMY Time!

Today’s post goes out to Adam who has been desperately seeking the story of Timmy Time as it takes place in 2019 and he wondered how Harvey made this far off future look. Timmy Time was a one issue comic that did not get enough love to keep being published. For more information, check out this link:


I do not have the actual issue, but luckily I do have this digest it was reprinted in.

Here is the official breakdown of the standalone Timmy Time.


So without further ado, enjoy some stop! Timmy Time….(insert Timmy Time wearing MC Hammer pants here)

Traveler telling Gloria she is not wearing any clothes! Hee hee! And how did he know what clothes they wear every day? I would have liked to see some cool white spacesuits on them. I am also loving the sound effects “BoomVamVoom”, “Wangnangdang”, and “Pok”!

Why do you think the audience didn’t support Timmy Time enough? My two cents are, he’s just Richie Rich in a different form, rich Dad with a bunch of scientists who are fairly inept, Richie/Timmy knows more than every adult and has to take matters into his own hands regardless of his safety, etc. We already have this character in Richie, it wasn’t necessary to replicate him as a white haired/non-thunder thighed clone. Plus, a robot sidekick doesn’t warm the heart like a Dollar Dog or freckled bestie.

Timmy Time was not exactly my cup of tea, but if you liked it, you may like these stories:





8 comments on “What time is it? TIMMY Time!

  1. Travis says:

    I like it, and maybe there could have been more stories to tell!

    Also, I don’t think we come across a lot of new Richie memorabilia these days, so just wanted to share this item I came across in case anyone here is interested. I have not purchased either version, so I can’t speak to the product itself or it’s quality, but it does look cute.



  2. SiteAdmin says:

    thanks for posting again. never get tired of richie and friends. i have the original comic book with this story with the poll about timmy’s fate

  3. SiteAdmin says:

    here’s the picture of the poll. i wonder if there was a follow up with the results? haven’t found it yet. https://twitter.com/tinykittensfan/status/1575866714121678849/photo/1

  4. Brian says:

    Why didn’t it work? Probably because the Timmy character and others didn’t look like any of the typical human characters of Harvey Comics? If he had the facial features more like the others,it might a worked. Look at the short lived Jackie Jokers

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me, or did Timmy Time look a lot like Jackie Jokers except with white hair?

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