Richie, Freckles & Peewee explore the mansion and Richie earns billions in his sleep

Today is another very exciting day in Richieland, I discovered another blog posting Richie stories! Hurrah! And, for those of you Jackie Jokers fans, there are quite a few Jackie stories which makes me happy for you as I completely forget to post about Jackie.

In other genres I forget about, the last blog with the Manta Adventure Story from Ze Mastor made a lot of you very giddy so I will look for more adventure stories to post. In great news, another guest blog from Ze Mastor is coming soon!

And, there is still another amazing thing! I found a Richie explores the house story I’ve never read! Oh happy day! And a one-pager! Enjoy!

2017-03-21 12.28.30.jpgOh Cadbury, you are the best!

2017-03-21 12.57.122017-03-21 12.57.192017-03-21 12.35.492017-03-21 12.35.542017-03-21 12.35.58

What a house! They have barely scratched the surface! I do think with all the 100s of servants working there, one could stagger their off days. But, what do I know of running a mansion? And if you wanted to know more about PeeWee not speaking, click below:

If you’re like me and love Richie exploring the house stories, click below!

This one-pager below makes me smile, I love when adults don’t realize who they’re talking to and Richie gets some disrespect. Although, it clearly states the mines belong to Richie so these guys need to read!

2017-03-21 12.36.14.jpgAnd now to a story with my beloved Cadbury, who takes the best care of wittle, sleepy Richie.

2017-03-21 12.40.422017-03-21 12.40.452017-03-21 12.40.482017-03-21 12.40.512017-03-21 12.40.55

Phew! That would have been terrible for a normal person that would be bankrupt after blowing half a million. But, Richie made a profit while asleep, those are some excellent genetics!

Have a great day!


The legends were true…Richie Rich meets the New Kids on the Block!

Say what? Yes, NKOTB and RR together, as the prophecy stated.

I thought this was the strangest thing I had ever heard of, but there is also an entire series of Wendy hanging with NKOTB too! I guess it was a marketing strategy to get kids/girls interested in Richie again after Harvey came back from a four year hiatus. If Harvey was publishing today, it could be Richie and Bieber racing lamborghinis together.

I will admit, this strange pairing did not interest me until I saw that the New Kids were lost in the Rich mansion. So, I bought it from ebay, only $1, and now I share it’s pop culture phenomena with you! And now I cannot stop humming, “Oh oh oh oh oh..the right stuff.”

scan6 scan6-1 new page scan6-2scan6-4 new page2-2 scan6-6 scan6-7 scan6-8 scan6-9 scan6-10 scan6-11 scan6-12

I feel it’s a bit dramatic that Richie can’t go to the show. Just buy the stadium, or buy all the tickets for the next show and take your private plane to wherever it is, or better yet, buy all five New Kids and keep them in the mansion as playthings, you have the money! And those robotic clowns are terrifying, why would you have them running around in your house?

Very handy to have a removable roof built, just for situations such as this. What did you think?

Here’s a bit more information on the story: