Cadbury attends the Butler’s convention and Richie gets a forcefield

Whoops! I have been neglecting this little blog, time to get my Richie hat back on!


Gadzooks, I’m happy when I find an old $5 in my jeans!


This doctor knew where his bread was buttered, no “lose some weight, eat better, exercise more”.

This next story is from the defunct Richie Rich app and is one of the many stories where Cadbury hangs out with other butlers. They never seem to mind that he wins every butler contest!


Wow, Mrs. Rich made some tarts all on her own? That is more shocking than Cadbury standing on his head unassisted! In interesting news, one can still employee a butler, I have never seen one in real life!


What an amazing invention! You could strap it on your child or even your baby and never worry about them getting hurt! Maybe this woman had a prototype and that’s why she wasn’t worried about sending her baby off a cliff with a cardboard.

Happy Holidays!



Meet Bascomb plus a special Hot Stuff story

Today we have another story from the awesomeness that is Larry T., hurrah! And it features the first appearance of Bascomb the chauffeur. Also, we have a first on this Richie Rich blog which is that a new fan club member was excited to find Richie stories, but was sad there were no pages dedicated to his favorite character, Hot Stuff. So, while I am ambivalent towards Hot Stuff, I do have some HS comics lying around and I thought it would be a nice welcome gesture to post one. So, here we go with some commentary from dear Larry…

I’ve always liked Bascomb. I’d even prefer him over Cadbury. Although Cadbury is a perfect butler, he is so multi-talented and I would almost even consider him part of the Rich family, as he is so involved with all of them. However Bascomb is not as prominent and appears to be younger than Cadbury- but his disposition and passion for his career is probably why he stands out to me. Plus, his “can-do” attitude and positive thinking (I even liked the space between his front teeth, LOL what a nice “unpretty” touch for the character 😀 )

I believe this is the first story featuring the chauffeur. It is from an early 1962 issue of “Little Dot DotLand” before Bascomb appeared in the Richie Rich titles. It clearly introduces him as another one of the trusted estate staff who is the best at what he does. I always wondered why he was dressed as a gestapo, but maybe he was imported from a war-ridden country (he does have a British dialect though…. “Dash it All”).

Anyway, on to the story, enjoy!

Driving Orders 1a Driving Orders 1b Driving Orders 1c Driving Orders 1d Driving Orders 1e

Even though the story moves forward as a “do-or-die” tale, there are a few articles of weirdness which I caught reading it way back when for my first time. I asked myself:

  • “How did Mrs. Rich drive ALL the cars to her picnic and why did she leave Bascomb behind? Isn’t chauffeuring his job there?
  • They don’t pay the gardener enough to buy a decent car for himself?
  • Bascomb’s other career must have been as a circus acrobat

I suppose Bascomb will end up fishing with the Riches until he can drive them all home (Mr. Rich would have taken another one of the cars up there initially 😉 ).

Or a helicopter or ‘copter as they always call it in Richie Rich comics may have to come for them. And you’d think the gardener might just loan them his cruddy car, quite rude to make someone pay for a bucket of bolts.

Thank you, Larry!

This story is one in a genre of “Bascomb transporting the Riches in odd ways” and I have added another similar story to a previous post in this mileau.

Check out the new story here:

And now to a WHAT? HOT STUFF story? How strange! I am hoping this is a good one as I am not a connoisseur of Hot Stuff, but it seemed pretty fun. Enjoy!

2015-04-15 11.34.38 2015-04-15 11.34.44 2015-04-15 11.34.47 2015-04-15 11.34.50 2015-04-15 11.34.53 2015-04-15 11.34.58 2015-04-15 11.35.01 2015-04-15 11.35.04 2015-04-15 11.35.07 2015-04-15 11.35.10 2015-04-15 11.35.18 2015-04-15 11.35.21 2015-04-15 11.35.25 2015-04-15 11.35.28 2015-04-15 11.35.32

Curious that the blue devil would be Hot Stuff’s twin as the adults all look nothing alike so the devils seem to have pretty distinct facial features. I also am curious where he got his diaper from back in the day. I wonder if the adult devil in the boxer shorts is based on someone as his look seems very specific. Maybe someone who worked at Harvey?

We had a comment below asking if there were any Richie Rich/Hot Stuff crossovers and a friend sent me this from the Comic Book Database:


Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little rest stop in Hot Stuff land!


Breaking Richie Rich news! Plus Richie meets Jackie and “This is your Life” pt. 2 for Richard Rich!


Never thought we would have new Richie news! Richie Rich is coming back to TV in a live-action series! Read below:

How exciting! I will definitely be checking it out, I wonder if any of our favorite gang will be featured as well. Cad-bur-y! Cad-bur-y!

And now we have another “This is your life” story which is very important as it’s the first time Richie and Jackie meet and begin their pun-filled palling around. Enjoy Mr. Rekoj!

2014-10-20 13.11.55 2014-10-20 13.11.59 2014-10-20 13.12.03 2014-10-20 13.12.07 2014-10-20 13.12.11 2014-10-20 13.12.17 2014-10-20 13.12.20 2014-10-20 13.12.24 2014-10-20 13.12.28 2014-10-20 13.12.31

What do you think is the pun with Phil Phoop? It’s interesting that small-headed Richard produced large-headed Richie. Perhaps it is all from Regina’s gene pool.

I wonder if Jackie (or his clone father) was loosely based on Davy Jones. Jackie debuted in 1973 and the Monkees had been around before that. They certainly look and dress alike!

How strange to see Cadbury not behaving like the perfect butler! What did you think? And what do you think of a new Richie Rich TV show coming?

Mrs. Rich gets her flirt on

When I was a wee one, I didn’t give Mrs. Rich much thought. But now that I am a woman myself, I find myself relating to her much more. Not in the jewelry sense, but if I were Regina, a stay at home mom with no housework to do, mother to the world’s most self-sufficient person who needs nothing from me, with a husband who is always traveling or working, and with friends consisting of random rich ladies whom I barely know; I would do as she and many a rich lady before her have done. Which is, hire a bunch of cute guys to work for you and spend your day flirting your brains out.

In this tale, Regina reaps all the benefits of innocent flirting involving a flush in the cheeks, a lot of giggling, and the feeling of being a young girl again! She also does well at employing three of the major tenants of man manipulation. She is a damsel in distress who needs to be saved, she is the fun and spontaneous “cool girl” up for anything, and she suggests that another man can easily do the job.

No man can resist these ploys! And so, our dear Bascomb gets himself into some very odd situations, but it is a win-win in the end because she gets a youthful glow and he gets to feel like a hero. And best of all, we finally get to spend time with our old friend, Mrs. Van Lard!

IMG_0646 IMG_0647 IMG_0648 IMG_0649 IMG_0650

Oh no, Dripson’s going to have a broken back! What did you think? It’s good to be rich!

And if you have time for more Richie fun, Occupy Richie Rich is putting up stories now too, so the Richie adventures never have to end! Adults only as the commentary is not safe for kids.

I found another story just like this one, but without all the flirting! Enjoy…

2015-04-02 23.04.57 2015-04-02 23.05.01 2015-04-02 23.05.05 2015-04-02 23.05.09 2015-04-02 23.05.12

Old timey Mrs. Rich is not as hip and happening as 70’s Mrs. Rich!

Richie and Bascomb meet the world’s most laid-back mom

There are some Richie stories that you read as a kid and you think, “Cool!”; but when you read them as an adult, you think, “WHAT????!!!!” This is one of those stories.

Imagine, if you will, you are a mom with a newborn. You have chosen to live on a mountain in the middle of nowhere, with no means of transportation, which works for you as you come from hardy stock and never get sick. And certainly a newborn would NEVER get sick.

But, alas, the baby wakes up sick! What to do? How will you get your baby to the doctor? You have no phone, so calling an ambulance or taxi is out of the question, hmm…..oh wait, here come two complete strangers, a man and a boy. Surely, they can give you and your baby a ride off the mountain. Or….better yet, they can just take your baby and you can go inside and take a well deserved nap!

Uh-oh! Their car; that you were just about to strap your newborn into, has just rolled off a cliff! But hey, everyone makes mistakes, these guys certainly look trustworthy, after all, one of them is wearing a tuxedo and the other is clearly some sort of doorman/jockey. So, when they decide to jump off a cliff with YOUR BABY using a piece of metal & some rope, that could not be a more logical option for getting your baby to the doctor.

And now, your work is done. No more sleep deprivation for you; get your nap on, girl! Oh wait, should you have told them your name, the baby’s name, or even your address? Feh, they seem like nice joes, I’m sure it will all work out! Zzzzzz….

I would say enjoy this story, but this woman doth throw me into a rage! Read on…

IMG_0505 IMG_0506 IMG_0507 IMG_0508 IMG_0509

Do they even know where she lives? They had never been there before! Arg, this woman, what a nincompoop.

Bascomb drives a piano and now Mrs. Rich loses her clothes!

And now we go back to a fluffy little morsel, starring that horrible babysitter; yet fabulous driver, Bascomb. I always read Bascomb’s voice in my head as being the same British accent as Cadbury’s. But, the gap in his teeth makes me wonder if he should have a more hillbilly accent. How do you read him? Enjoy this fun vehicular romp!

IMG_7225 IMG_7226 IMG_7227 IMG_7228 IMG_7229

Really, Richie? You couldn’t have offered him a playhouse? He has to live in a cave? You have hundreds of empty playhouses!

And where did this taxi come from? Taxis just drive around the Rich estate? Curious…