Richie Rich and Mayda Munny get married in “Wedded Blitz”

I feel like Casper this month, dancing around the house, I am so giddy at all the comments people have been leaving lately! Keep it up!

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And, with all the anticipation around the new Star Wars movie, don’t forget that Richie and Jackie covered that story long ago.

And now to our requested tale of the week. Richie and Mayda get married! Here again is an example of “stories I thought were cool as a kid, but as an adult I am appalled”. Read on to see why…


And if there hadn’t been another wedding that day, Richie and Mayda WOULD have been legally married. Mayda almost pulled it off. That’s the scary thing!

I thought this story was amazing when I read it in third grade. I had the biggest crush on Chris somebody and I immediately started plotting how I would get us to Weirdsly and sucker Chris into marrying me.

But, as an adult, what kind of pervert island is this??!!! No wonder you’re a poor country, you have little kids getting married! Insanity!

I must say, Richie is so cute and helpful and excited to be an actor in this story; he wasn’t even thinking quickie Vegas divorce after he gets trapped, he is prepared for a life of misery. Not sure why Mayda is so excited to move into the Rich mansion with his parents. She has her own mansion and no responsibilities so I don’t think being Mrs. Rich Junior is huge upgrade from being Miss Munny.

I wonder what movie Richie could possibly pull together to shoot in one day. Probably easier to just hand out money to everyone then scramble together a script and cast and crew.

I really do love this story though, if one can look beyond the child marriage, it’s really cute and fun. What did you think?