Never say “Hi” to Richard Rich!

It’s amazing how sometimes you ask the universe for something and you get it! I was asked on the last story if there were any Richie stories that take place in Istanbul, which did not ring any bells. But, last night, I was reading some Richies and I found one! Admittedly, it is just a frame that mentions Istanbul and not a whole story, but hey, it’s still pretty random that I happen to read it that night!


The above is actually a really fun story of Richie and Reggie racing across the world! It is too long for my little blog (15 pages), but it’s only $1 on the Richie Rich App if you want to download. It’s Richie Rich Classic Comics #7.


Today’s story revolves around Richard Rich, Sr., who is normally a smart, manly, in-control businessman; but today he shows he has fears and foibles like the rest of us! I apologize for the poor quality, but try to enjoy anyway!

IMG_0521 IMG_0522 IMG_0523 IMG_0524 IMG_0525

He’s back in the saddle again! What did you think?