The 70’s, when calling people fat was no biggie

My nephews used to be really into Thomas trains and I would read them Thomas books which featured his rotund boss named Sir Topham Hat. One day, I purchased a used Thomas book from the 70’s and discovered that Sir Topham Hat used to be called “The Fat Conductor”. Which had me in hysterics! Not that I think it is hilarious to bully and call people fat, but as it is never done anymore (except to celebrities like Kim K or Jessica S), it just strikes me as so funny.  There is no way Fat Albert would be on TV in this generation! And Lotta Plump? She would be banned for promoting an “unhealthy lifestyle” even though she is happy and stronger than any of us. I assume she would be renamed Lotta Healthy and be all slimmed down like Strawberry Shortcake.

Yet, it doesn’t seem like 70’s era cartoon people took fat comments as insults, they rocked their bodies with pride!  I have been gathering up some very un-PC Richie frames which I feel we are allowed to have a giggle at…


You may need to click on this one, but Richard (pot calling the kettle black) says, “Gasp! He’s become a FATTY!”

fats slob


2013-09-06 14.44.36

I’m sure Mayda is still equally rude in 2013.

2020-11-22 21.04.19Time for some parrot fajitas!

2013-09-13 21.32.08

If you call someone Mrs. VAN (insert fat word here), it is not insulting apparently.

And there was that time when Richie was fat! Or was he?


Here is a very fun story of Regina Rich trying to “reduce” as we assume the wealthy people called dieting back in the day.

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Dang it, Regina! Why’d you have to spoil it for everyone else? Who wouldn’t want to go to this place? Pig out and exercise for 20 minutes and be a skinny minny, I would hit this lovely place yearly and would definitely want to own a franchise!