Richie meets the Youth Maker and becomes a baby! Or does he?

A funny thing I’ve noticed lately while compiling these stories is that often a Richie cover will really catch your attention and you start getting excited about where the corresponding story may go. Sometimes it meets or exceeds your expectations, and other times you have no idea what the story and the cover have in common.

Here’s a little example: How cool does this cover look? What kind of story might go with this? It seems very modern and like Richie might see a bunch of bad things happening at once on TV and rush off with Cadbury to try and fix them was my thought.


Turns out it was just advertising this one pager:


Huh? Your multi-million dollar TV wall blows out, leaving you in a room of broken glass, but you’re smiling because it makes an R shape? Curious indeed.

And now to our story today; from this cover I was very excited to see baby Richie and his cute little cartoon tush, but the cover was a bit misleading. It’s still a fun story though, it just requires a bit of an expectation adjustment! Enjoy!

IMG_0678 IMG_0679IMG_0680IMG_0681IMG_0682IMG_0683IMG_0684IMG_0685IMG_0686IMG_0687IMG_0688

Hurumpf! No cute baby Richie at all. Strange. But, how cool is the tuxedo blimp/bow tie combo? I love it! And if you like adults turning into babies, click here:

Update: Found a baby Richie pic, it’s not the one I was searching for, I swear there’s a whole baby Richie story somewhere, but this story cheated us of cute baby Richie pics so here you go:


The above pic is from the Richie Rich movie comic, if you want to read the whole thing, click this link:

And here is another cute one:

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.01.16 PM

This picture comes from here:

What a cutie!