Happy New Year and Richie enters a very strange dream machine with Casper


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope everyone’s year is off to a great start and hope you all got to sleep in because your brain will need to work overtime to follow along with this wacky story!

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Well. Indeed. What to say about this story, I have no idea. It was interesting, I’ll give it that! And I like supermodel Regina’s look, but do not like stupid Mayda slapping my Cadbury.

And mean Mr. Rich, he always scares me, even as an adult. YIIISH!

2015-12-15 18.36.24

And here is the sun that our dear fan club member Steve remembered from the olden days. It is quite beautiful!

2015-12-15 18.41.02

It’s funny; the tiny, artistic details we remember from these Richie stories that we first read so long ago. Like Stevie Strange’s whiskers that stayed with me for most of my life!


All in all, I am quite happy no one has invented a machine like this because your dreams should be just for you! Were anyone else to see them, they would think you were a psychopath! What did you think of this acid trip story?




Richie Rich and Mayda Munny get married in “Wedded Blitz”

I feel like Casper this month, dancing around the house, I am so giddy at all the comments people have been leaving lately! Keep it up!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.11.26 AM

And, with all the anticipation around the new Star Wars movie, don’t forget that Richie and Jackie covered that story long ago.


And now to our requested tale of the week. Richie and Mayda get married! Here again is an example of “stories I thought were cool as a kid, but as an adult I am appalled”. Read on to see why…


And if there hadn’t been another wedding that day, Richie and Mayda WOULD have been legally married. Mayda almost pulled it off. That’s the scary thing!

I thought this story was amazing when I read it in third grade. I had the biggest crush on Chris somebody and I immediately started plotting how I would get us to Weirdsly and sucker Chris into marrying me.

But, as an adult, what kind of pervert island is this??!!! No wonder you’re a poor country, you have little kids getting married! Insanity!

I must say, Richie is so cute and helpful and excited to be an actor in this story; he wasn’t even thinking quickie Vegas divorce after he gets trapped, he is prepared for a life of misery. Not sure why Mayda is so excited to move into the Rich mansion with his parents. She has her own mansion and no responsibilities so I don’t think being Mrs. Rich Junior is huge upgrade from being Miss Munny.

I wonder what movie Richie could possibly pull together to shoot in one day. Probably easier to just hand out money to everyone then scramble together a script and cast and crew.

I really do love this story though, if one can look beyond the child marriage, it’s really cute and fun. What did you think?

Mayda Munny and the Haunted Playhouse and Richie gets a frightningly swelled head!

We had a request for a Mayda Munny story and I am happy to oblige. Enjoy!

IMG_1544 IMG_1545IMG_1546IMG_1547IMG_1548

Wow, that is pretty risky to move an entire house, Mayda could have been killed just for Richie to be snarky. Not on board with this revenge, Richie, not cool.

I am boggled by the dimensions of Gloria’s body. Her butt must be miniscule to not show in her tiny skirt, yet her legs are like tree trunks. Richie is clearly a leg man.

And now, attack of the giant headed people!!!!

IMG_1552 IMG_1554 IMG_1555 IMG_1556 IMG_1557

“It’s me, Dad, I was kidnapped!” Only Richie Rich can say that and have it be a casual, throwaway line. I’m surprised Richard didn’t say, “Kidnapped? Well, la de da!” And how does Richie drag two full grown adults into a plane! What??? How??? And why? Just leave them on the abandoned island and call the estate police.

I wonder what happens if you use the potion on a really ugly person? Do they become a supermodel for one minute?

And, if you like stories about drinking a potion and turning into a monster, check this one out:


Rip van Winkle Richie, This is your life!

Today’s story is a special request from a reader and thanks to Tony H., I found it in record time! Richie falls asleep for 50 years and wakes up to a room full of geezers, enjoy!

2014-10-20 13.03.09 2014-10-20 13.03.12 2014-10-20 13.03.15 2014-10-20 13.03.19 2014-10-20 13.03.22 2014-10-20 13.03.28 2014-10-20 13.03.32 2014-10-20 13.03.36 2014-10-20 13.03.41IMG_1203

So….if Richie is 10 at the most, he would be 60, yet he appears to be 90. Cadbury should be around 90 and still looks fit as a fiddle! Poor Pierre, what kind of horrible future would have no food? I would be dropping by the old chef’s home every day.

What did you think of everyone’s appearance? I don’t see why Irona would get white hair, if anything, it should be a greenish patina. And Mr. Cheepers hasn’t aged a day. Old-timer Freckles and 0ld-timer Reggie could pass for twins! I think Richard and Regina must be getting some botox, or are in clone bodies as they look the youngest out of all the gang. And Gloria, dear, I think we can change our wardrobe slightly in 50 years, no? Or embrace our age with the white hair and lose the bow. I am impressed she is finally covering up her underwear, as would befit a woman of a certain age.

I would have liked some backstory as to what everyone has been doing for the last 50 years. We only know what Pierre is up to. What did you think? Next week’s story will be “This is your life” part 2 with Richard Rich and Jackie!

Richie has some problems with the ladies…

Happy July, today we are running a two-for-one girl problems special! The first story involves exploring the Rich mansion, oh happy day!

2014-06-11 20.56.462014-06-11 20.56.562014-06-11 20.57.152014-06-11 20.57.532014-06-11 20.58.10

What a huge mansion, you get bored even while traveling down the hall on rocket skates. How did Mr. Rich ever find that wing of the house to hide Richie’s present? Gloria doesn’t seem to be affected by the “man in uniform” attraction at all! She is quite peeved!

And now, we switch to poor Mayda trying to flirt her way into Richie’s heart. But, Richie is having none of it!

2014-06-07 20.46.56 2014-06-07 20.46.58 2014-06-07 20.47.01 2014-06-07 20.47.08 2014-06-07 20.47.11

Go Richie! Mayda just doesn’t get it. She and Reggie would be a perfect fit, except they would both hate each other too much to get married. I need to find the story where Richie and Mayda get married…or do they? I will look for it and try to post it soon! What did you think of these cute stories?

Mayda Munny and the million dollar pool party

Here’s a cute little tale of fun and fluff, that definitely will appeal to those who love a good reality TV cat fight! Mayda thinks she is all that plus a bag of chips and Gloria is all, “Oh no, girlfriend, you better back it up.” And Richie is all jolly and clueless to the underlying female tension as usual. Enjoy! Meow!

IMG_6806 IMG_6807 IMG_6808 IMG_6809 IMG_6810

I love how despite the media circus and party circuit folk about, Freckles is all business and 100% there to swim and eat!

The 70’s, when calling people fat was no biggie

My nephews used to be really into Thomas trains and I would read them Thomas books which featured his rotund boss named Sir Topham Hat. One day, I purchased a used Thomas book from the 70’s and discovered that Sir Topham Hat used to be called “The Fat Conductor”. Which had me in hysterics! Not that I think it is hilarious to bully and call people fat, but as it is never done anymore (except to celebrities like Kim K or Jessica S), it just strikes me as so funny.  There is no way Fat Albert would be on TV in this generation! And Lotta Plump? She would be banned for promoting an “unhealthy lifestyle” even though she is happy and stronger than any of us. I assume she would be renamed Lotta Healthy and be all slimmed down like Strawberry Shortcake.

Yet, it doesn’t seem like 70’s era cartoon people took fat comments as insults, they rocked their bodies with pride!  I have been gathering up some very un-PC Richie frames which I feel we are allowed to have a giggle at…


You may need to click on this one, but Richard (pot calling the kettle black) says, “Gasp! He’s become a FATTY!”

fats slob


2013-09-06 14.44.36

I’m sure Mayda is still equally rude in 2013.

2020-11-22 21.04.19Time for some parrot fajitas!

2013-09-13 21.32.08

If you call someone Mrs. VAN (insert fat word here), it is not insulting apparently.

And there was that time when Richie was fat! Or was he?


Here is a very fun story of Regina Rich trying to “reduce” as we assume the wealthy people called dieting back in the day.

2013-09-06 15.02.39 2013-09-06 15.02.49 2013-09-06 15.02.57 2013-09-06 15.03.27 2013-09-06 15.03.39

Dang it, Regina! Why’d you have to spoil it for everyone else? Who wouldn’t want to go to this place? Pig out and exercise for 20 minutes and be a skinny minny, I would hit this lovely place yearly and would definitely want to own a franchise!