A return visit from our old friend Joe, el Presidente de El Squalid!

I love the character of Presidente Joe from El Squalid and was so happy to find a follow up story. If you’ve never read Part 1 of this tale, click below:


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Snerdflinger Estate!!! Hee Hee, that makes me laugh! Almost as good as the story with Snerdly Gerp. Clearly, I like the word Snerd. Actually, this reminds me of another Snerdly!


Have you ever heard the story of George Washington throwing silver nickels across the Potomac? I haven’t. I only knew the wooden teeth and the cherry tree. But, so handy there happened to be a vault filled with silver nearby for Joe.

The president of the neighboring county is arriving and he must meet his ROWBOAT! Hee hee heeeeee!

What a cute story, I wonder if there is a third story of Presidente Joe I will happen upon one day. Do you like Joe?