The funniest Richie Rich story ever!

Many Richie Rich stories end with Richie and his Dad chuckling away at a one-liner one of them has made about whatever hijinks have just transpired. These “jokes” are not really ha-ha funny situations. They can often be amusing, or extremely pun-y, but are certainly not humorous enough to merit the guffawing going on. UNTIL THIS ONE. 🙂

I literally cannot stop laughing during the last two pages of this story; it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve read it, I laugh every single time! And the first time I read it, I was in tears! Now that I have given it such a build-up, you may not laugh at all, but I think you will because it is FREAKIN’ funnnnnny!!!! Put your engine into giggle gear and enjoy this hilarity! HEE HEEE HEEEE!

richiescan-14  richiescan-13richiescan-15richiescan-15_2richiescan-16

Oh good lord, I’m crying again! Tee hee hee heeeeee!!!  What did you think? Did it live up to the hype? I must now read it again!