Richie and Gloria get married and have a son!

Wow, Richie and Gloria grow up and get married, and by grow up, I mean their bodies get very long, yet their heads stay the same; and they have a little “tender”, i.e. wussy child who becomes the next in a long line of Richard Richs.

This story is quite a head trip, but it’s interesting how germphobic the world has become, and this Richie could actually make his next fortune in full body sanitizers. This is indeed a Richie story of importance! From Richie Rich #16…

IMG_0740 IMG_0741 IMG_0742 IMG_0743 IMG_0744

I don’t know that I buy that Gloria would suddenly become such an elitist rich person. She has the most problem of anyone with Richie acting snooty or rich, but I suppose when one becomes a mother, priorities do change. I imagine this Richie would not hang out with Freckles or Peewee’s kids, imagine the germs on them from their hovel!

This story definitely provides some Richie food for thought. What did you think?