Illogical, yet interesting

It’s time for another story of Richie exploring the mansion, hurrah! As the years go by, I have never forgotten this story, it always lingers in the back of my mind. See what you think…

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Interesting isn’t it? How he would not have been discovered in twenty years in what appears to be an empty attic is beyond me. And how she was just hanging out in the same attic? A closet? A drawer? Who knows? and clearly also stealing food each night, yet they never saw each other seems odd. One would also think that with all the clothes Regina Rich throws out, Lydia could have borrowed some new clothes in twenty years, but I guess she is a bit skinny for Regina’s current clothes. Although Mrs. Rich looked quite foxy in the green dress in the olden days. Ah, true love! And look, there are more servants than just Chef Pierre, Nurse Jenny, Bascomb, Cadbury, Mr. Woody, and Irona! Apparently, there is an old dude named Skadds hanging about. Who knew? What did you think?

And here it is again, recolored from the reissued Valentine’s Gems:

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