Richie Rich is a tough kid from the wrong side of the tracks?

Wow, finally a story where Richie is a tough guy! Beating up random townies and getting his street swag on. This story is not for sissies, so pop up your collar and grease back your hair¬†before you read. ūüôā

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This is the second time that Bascomb has dropped Richie off in the middle of nowhere, not caring a fig for his safety. Not cool Bascomb! If you missed the first time, click here:

Although, if Bascomb knows¬†what a left hook¬†Richie has, perhaps that’s why he wasn’t worried.

Did you see in the big fight where one kid is being used as a battering ram? This story reminds me a lot of The Outsiders. I am happy to be female so I can make friends the conversation way and not the beating them up way! What did you think?