Dr. Meek and his magic buttons try to mind-control the world!

Today we have a special request for this Casper and Richie team up featuring Dr. Meek. Enjoy!

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How weird is it to see Dr. Meek disliking Richie? That never happens, everyone thinks Richie is delightful all the time. Dr. Meek calls him a spoiled brat! And says he’s an okay boss’s son. So shocking in a Richie story! Remember when Richie knocks into Dr. Creemy and he doesn’t seem to mind, but perhaps his thought bubble would not be so jolly either.


Dr. Meek is a big jerk, he gets complimented by Mr. Rich, but just wants to basically murder Richard’s son by sending him nowhere! Ha on you, Dr. Meek, ya putz, Richie is quite at home in the Enchanted Forest!

I wonder how long it takes Casper to fly to the real world and to Richville? Perhaps there is a magic portal somewhere in the forest he can just fly through.

And look, Cadbury is behaving like a jerk as well, such a strange sight to see!

I like how the people in the caves are given “Zombie” buttons. Why not just “Obey” buttons? Do you really need them to go lurching around eating brains? Hee hee. Perhaps they could eat Dr. Meek’s brilliant brain because he needs some punishment in this story. Why is he allowed to be a big jerk to everyone, an attempted murderer and sociopath, yet everyone is all jolly at the end and pals. No. I want him punished!

I have created my own new ending that makes me happy. Rot in jail, Dr. Jerk!


What did you think of this story?


Richie and Casper meet the Good-Bye Man! (aka The one with the underground people)

I received a special request for this very interesting tale, it provides a lot of food for thought! Let’s begin with Irona cleaning up the Rich mansion for a special visitor, and thank goodness because the mansion is always such a pigsty. 🙂

IMG_1704 IMG_1705 IMG_1706 IMG_1707 IMG_1708 IMG_1709 IMG_1710 IMG_1711 IMG_1712 IMG_1713 IMG_1714 IMG_1715 IMG_1716 IMG_1717 IMG_1718 IMG_1719

Oh my, so much to discuss! This is one of those issues with a very terrifying cover, The Goodbye Man kidnaps Richie! But, then he turns out to be just a goofy, non-scary robot.

And the Riches are strangely accessible; just clank your way onto the estate and they leave you and an unguarded Richie all alone. And you can just pick up any pay phone and call Richard Rich who will pick up the phone himself! I may call Richard Branson right now and see if this whole easy dialing up of rich people is true.

A time machine? Of course I have one! Who doesn’t?

And now to the really thought provoking stuff. How are these underground people conceived? Is it like Brave New World and they’re all made in factories? If yes, for what purpose? If I’m a robot, why would I keep making new humans in a lab that I have to take care of? Why not let them just die off?

What TV shows are they watching? Are there some humans that get to leave their little rabbit hole houses, have proper jobs and act? Or do they just watch old series from 500 years prior? Or perhaps they watch robot acted/directed/produced shows about people sitting around in underground rooms eating Soylent Green.

Why do they need pills to help them sleep? They have nowhere to be, surely their bodies would just sleep when they need to.

And, yes, let’s let this random human tell us that we need to take control of our world. When we have absolutely no skills and no knowledge on how to do anything! We haven’t even had to work with another human or speak to another human in our lives! What could go wrong with creating a new society? I have a feeling these people will all starve to death in a matter of hours. Or annoy each other in a matter of minutes and violence will ensue.

In good news, Richie escapes and heads for home! What did you think of this craaaazy story?

Irona stops a hijacking and whatcha doin’ on the moon?

Who doesn’t love Irona? She is the perfect robot servant; full of intelligence, strength, an ability to talk to other machines, and a sense of humor. She is loyal, fiercely protective of Richie, and can do pretty much anything. Here she is in all her glory, but it is cracking me up how this hijacker thinks she is an ugly old woman!

2014-03-30 20.45.26 2014-03-30 20.45.29 2014-03-30 20.45.33 2014-03-30 20.45.37 2014-03-30 20.45.40

I do recall planes in the 70’s having an upstairs part on international flights where people could stand, walk around, smoke and get alcohol at the bar. I never got to go as I was just a tot, but it certainly seemed glamorous! So, I am not going to be too shocked that a heavy piano would be on the plane, because who knows, maybe they had that up in that fancy area too!

Well, voila, look what I found! They did have pianos!


And, in case you were wondering what that sweet tune Irona was belting out is:

2014-03-30 20.45.46

It’s a real song! Written by our beloved Sid Jacobson & Jimmy Krondes!

Watch below:

Have a great day, you homely dames!