The legends were true…Richie Rich meets the New Kids on the Block!

Say what? Yes, NKOTB and RR together, as the prophecy stated.

I thought this was the strangest thing I had ever heard of, but there is also an entire series of Wendy hanging with NKOTB too! I guess it was a marketing strategy to get kids/girls interested in Richie again after Harvey came back from a four year hiatus. If Harvey was publishing today, it could be Richie and Bieber racing lamborghinis together.

I will admit, this strange pairing did not interest me until I saw that the New Kids were lost in the Rich mansion. So, I bought it from ebay, only $1, and now I share it’s pop culture phenomena with you! And now I cannot stop humming, “Oh oh oh oh oh..the right stuff.”

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I feel it’s a bit dramatic that Richie can’t go to the show. Just buy the stadium, or buy all the tickets for the next show and take your private plane to wherever it is, or better yet, buy all five New Kids and keep them in the mansion as playthings, you have the money! And those robotic clowns are terrifying, why would you have them running around in your house?

Very handy to have a removable roof built, just for situations such as this. What did you think?

Here’s a bit more information on the story:


Richie and Gloria get married and have a son!

Wow, Richie and Gloria grow up and get married, and by grow up, I mean their bodies get very long, yet their heads stay the same; and they have a little “tender”, i.e. wussy child who becomes the next in a long line of Richard Richs.

This story is quite a head trip, but it’s interesting how germphobic the world has become, and this Richie could actually make his next fortune in full body sanitizers. This is indeed a Richie story of importance! From Richie Rich #16…

IMG_0740 IMG_0741 IMG_0742 IMG_0743 IMG_0744

I don’t know that I buy that Gloria would suddenly become such an elitist rich person. She has the most problem of anyone with Richie acting snooty or rich, but I suppose when one becomes a mother, priorities do change. I imagine this Richie would not hang out with Freckles or Peewee’s kids, imagine the germs on them from their hovel!

This story definitely provides some Richie food for thought. What did you think?

Can you draw Richie? And, travel through an underground tunnel with Freckles and Peewee!

I had some free time this morning and decided to try drawing Richie and it was so fun! I know you will be SHOCKED to discover I have no art background when you view it’s amazingness :), but it’s cute, I like it. Except that I tried to draw him holding a big dollar sign and I didn’t quite understand the foreground/background part and his arm is now stuck. But, at least it gave me a bad joke for Richie to say, so it all ends well.


And, if you want to try drawing Richie for some fun, please do and send it to me at, so I can share it on the blog!

Today’s story had me very intrigued as it went from a casual day at the park  to exploring the grounds of the Rich mansion. It also provides a bit of fun to watch as Peewee’s shirt dress changes from blue, to purple, to red, to white, with collar and without collar, the excitement never ends!

IMG_0735 IMG_0736 IMG_0737 IMG_0738 IMG_0739

Olé Molé!

All the money in the world is useless when you’re shipwrecked on a lonely isle…perhaps forever!

Kinda. Here we have another example of the overly dramatic cover, with a not quite applicable story. If anything, this story is very light-hearted and jolly! See what you think…

IMG_0733IMG_0728 IMG_0729 IMG_0730 IMG_0731 IMG_0732

I always assume when reading these stories that Richie is equipped with all manner of protective inventions hidden about his person; because if I allow myself to believe for one minute that two parents are just going to abandon their son to the elements and wildlife on a deserted island, I get very angry!

I also wonder what they pay their non-crack security team of estate guards and pilots as no one can keep crooks out or find them on a deserted island. But, all’s well that ends well, and the Riches survive another adventure! What did you think?

Oh happy day, Richie explores the Rich mansion!

I’m sure you never get tired of hearing how Richie exploring the mansion stories are my favorites! So, I shall repeat it many more times… 🙂

Today we have a one pager, a two pager, and a five pager of house hijinks for your enjoyment! Imagine having such exciting adventures and never having to leave home. Yippee!


IMG_0614 IMG_0615

IMG_0640 IMG_0641 IMG_0643 IMG_0644 IMG_0645

What an amazing house! Are exploring the mansion stories your faves too?

And, in case you missed it, here’s another fun story of exploring the house:

La réunion du Chef Pierre et son frère est un nightmare!

Pardon the franglais, but “un cauchemar”(nightmare) just doesn’t work with my rhyme!

The below story is just so cute and fun, and it’s really great if you have any youngsters to read it to. I read it out loud and the kissing noises and the accents make for un bon moment!

IMG_0720 IMG_0723 IMG_0724 IMG_0725 IMG_0726

What did you think? I guess now we know why they haven’t seen each other in 15 years!

Surprise, surprise, Reggie Van Dough acts like a putz

Reggie stories always make my stomach hurt. He is such a complete jerk and while he does get the occasional spanking, there seems to be no real punishment or life lessons learned. So, it makes my heart smile when he gets his comeuppance! If only Richie wasn’t around to save him…

IMG_0715 IMG_0716 IMG_0717 IMG_0718 IMG_0719

How ya like that Reggie? SNEEEEEER!!!!

And if you haven’t read it before, the blogger below did a great job trying to figure out what makes Reggie tick.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Richie fans!


Wow, what a year! I started this blog in late August and now, five months later, we are up to 22 subscribers and 10-30 fans who drop by each day. And Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón came by to comment on a story! I don’t think it gets much better than that!

But, there is something I would love to happen in 2014, and that is for YOU to leave some comments here. On the story, on Richie in general, on anything Richie related, I would love to hear your opinion and thoughts, what you like, what annoys you, what you found funny/interesting/weird/anything in the story. I started this blog to meet other fans and discuss all things Richie, but I already know what I think, I want to hear what you think. Your email address won’t show and you can make up a fake name if you’re shy. So, maybe you can add commenting here to your New Year’s resolution list. 🙂

Speaking of resolutions, come join the Riches for a New Year’s themed Richie Rich story!

IMG_0708 IMG_0709 IMG_0710 IMG_0711 IMG_0712

Now off you go to jog, drink a green shake, comment on this lovely blog, call your mom, etc….. Happy New Year!