Sometimes a boy just needs his dad.

Here is a sweet little story of Richie and Richard understanding the power of father/son bonding.

IMG_0757 IMG_0758 IMG_0759 IMG_0760 IMG_0761

It is a strange day indeed when even REGGIE’s dad wants to hang out with him!

Do you think the polo dad meant, “that Rich boy (as in his last name) is fantastic!” or “that nattily-dressed and snobby looking child is fantastic?” It is very logical that an 8? 9? 10? year old boy would be better than the Argentine national team.

Here is a cute one-pager that once again shows how Richie actually prefers the simple things in life.


And now, a second story that is basically the same schtick as the first. It remains shocking in that again, Reggie’s dad is hanging out with him! Perhaps Richie’s birthday falls on “International hang out with your son that you can’t stand day”. Although that would not apply to Freckles and Peewee. Regardless, enjoy round two!

IMG_0813 IMG_0814 IMG_0815IMG_0816 IMG_0818

And where is Mrs. Rich in all this? She never travels alone anywhere, she just wanders around the house, plays with her jewelry and has charity meetings. But, I suppose if you were a boy, would you want to hang out with her on your birthday and talk about jewelry? Probably not.

I quite like Mr. Rich’s snazzy Parisian clothes in this story and funky little white gogo boots. Richie wears little white boots every day, but his do not have the panache of Mr. Rich’s.

What did you think? Does it make your want to call your son/Dad? Or purchase some snazzy shoes? 🙂


Join Richie and Gloria for a romantic, yet bleak Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s story is so romantic and it proves that it’s not about hearts and flowers, it’s just about a well placed romantic line here or there to make a lady feel appreciated.

IMG_0552 IMG_0553 IMG_0554 IMG_0555 IMG_0556

How amazing is that little gadget? You could have a paradise home anywhere in the world.

I would like some explanation on where California is on this map. Or Texas for that matter.


What is the most romantic Richie and Gloria story you remember?