Richie Rich goes to a shrink, plus some opening day fun!

Happy Opening Day! Most of what I know about baseball I know thanks to our dear Richie. Such as, did you know that baseball players used to play without gloves? See below!


Thank goodness they will get cuter outfits in the future, otherwise, what is the point of this game? ­čÖé

For the full baseball story, head over to Occupy Richie Rich:

And now to our story of the day, Gloria forces Richie to see a psychiatrist!

IMG_0576 IMG_0577 IMG_0579 IMG_0580 IMG_0581

I love how the psychiatrist thinks Richie is sending Gloria to him at first!

I feel I must be missing something with Dr. McFogg, usually there would be a pun in the name, but other than him clearing up your head fog, I’m not getting the pun. Do you get it?

Richie has many necessities┬áto buy each week,┬ásuch as boats he can drive around in his pool. Erm…what?

Aha, I have found where Richie stores all those boats he buys each week:

2015-03-01 22.49.15IMG_1558

What would your advice to Richie be?


Richie Rich meets Blackbeard! And Nixon (kinda sorta).

Wow, this is quite a tale with many interesting characters! We have a Richard Nixon clone who is called Uriah Heap, which I only knew as a 70’s band, but which apparently is a Dickens story where Uriah Heap is the original brown-nosing “Yes man”. Although, he is not very full of yesses in this story.

The quality is not the best, but it’s long and hearty me harties, so set sail and enjoy!


Ooooooh, so that’s why his last name was Index, so that his machine could have the TIME acronym, ooooh….

My, Blackbeard was a nice fellow in this story! Nothing like the villain he was supposed to be. Although, I just looked him up on Wikipedia and it says there is no proof that he ever murdered anyone, so perhaps he was a likeable fellow. ┬áI did not read anything about him having a tattoo and the Mom with a heart tattoo seems very tame. But, if he was the first guy to have a Mom with a heart, I’m sure Mrs. Teach was very flattered.

What did you think?

Welcome to the world, Penny van Dough!

Hello, Richielovers, we had a special request for this story and I am happy to oblige. I will admit though, this story is one of those that I get far too emotionally involved in; so I will allow you to read it first, without my diatribe polluting your thoughts!

This story does contain a glaring typo in it that gets my goat every time. For some reason, I expect it to magically be fixed by the next time I read it, but no, there it is! Anyhoo, enjoy!

IMG_8366 IMG_8367 IMG_8368 IMG_8369 IMG_8370

Did you spot the typo on page 1? “H’lo Aunt Regina”????!!!!!!” ┬áREGINA is your mom Richie, VANESSA is your aunt, how did no one spot that in copyediting? Aaaaahhhh!!!!

This is the one story where I actually feel sorry for Reggie. What kind of parents spend no time whatsoever with their child so that he could actually see his mom was pregnant? And why was there no conversation with him whilst tucking him into bed where you hand him an “I’m the Big Brother” tee shirt and everyone hugs? Why must a child have to see his parents race to the hospital and think they’re possibly dying when you could just tell the kid what’s going on in 1 second?

And why is a 10 year old driving? Just kidding, Richie always drives!

I would be so much happier if Richie had come over and all three Van Doughs were freaking out and no one told Richie what was going on so he had to follow them and discover the truth. Poor Reggie, his family has no love for him. I don’t usually either, but he should get a hug in this story.

Does this story “stick in your craw” as they say, or do you love it and have good memories? Please share in the comments below! ­čÖé