Gloria keeps finding money and Richie turns into a punk!

Whoops! I have sorely neglected my little Richie blog, it has been almost a year since my last post! But, I wanted to get back to blogging as I’m heading to Comic-Con this week and I started this blog 5 years ago after returning from my 1st Comic Con! (Which I thought would be Richie Richfest and was very disappointed that it had nothing to do with Richie.)

I ordered myself a Richie Rich shirt from Zazzle so if you are heading to San Diego this week and see a chick in a Richie Rich shirt, come say hi! (If it’s like last time, I’ll be the only one!)

And in BIG, EXCITING NEWS, check out this blog that has posted tons and tons of Richie comics.

Ah…you can sit back, relax and read Richie all day! But, do come here and post your comments on all things Richie because the only reason I started this blog was to hear other people’s thoughts on Richie. My own thoughts are primarily “I love this!”, so I need more substance from your brain!

And now let’s begin, this is one of my all time favorite Cadbury one-pagers. I laugh every time!

2014-07-31 00.08.26

Hee hee! And now we have the perfect husband, ensuring his wife’s hair will never get frizzy.

2014-07-31 00.08.07

I apologize below for the poor quality, it’s difficult for one’s eyes to switch from digitized, beautiful Richie to old, yellowing Richie from my closet, but I love when Cadbury looks undignified, even for a moment.2014-08-02 21.40.00

Now to a cute story with Richie and Gloria.

2014-08-10 23.09.09

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This begs an interesting question, that money now belongs to Gloria’s family who owns the land one would think. But, of course they won’t accept it. But, what if they did, and now Gloria was rich too? Interesting….Gloria was in theory rich in this story below, but compared to Richie, was still poor…

I love these stories where money is just everywhere, there is no bank big enough to hold it all! Mr. Rich would probably have all his money in bitcoins today so he could store it digitally.

Gloria really keeps her cool in this story. If you’d like to see her blow her top, click below:

And now to a shocking story of Richie becoming a complete punk and a Reggie. Thank goodness, it’s just a dream!

2014-08-10 23.12.042014-08-10 23.12.112014-08-10 23.12.142014-08-10 23.12.182014-08-10 23.12.22

Ahhhh!!! I hate this!!! Richie must always stay sweet! This story is basically the same as the below with Richie inserted as bad guy:

And if you like alternative versions of Richie, click below:

And lastly, this cute story reminds me that I have been waiting for this portable shower for decades…

2014-10-28 20.24.232014-10-28 20.24.392014-10-28 20.24.572014-10-28 20.25.192014-10-28 20.25.46

I’m reminded of the song, “What if God was one of us?” That is no way to treat a little hobo boy! Richie should have said, “Ya jerks, where is your compassion!!!” Harumpf, perhaps it is a town of idiots as they grew up without a school. Richie is much nicer in this situation then I would be!

What did you think of these? If you spot a Richie Rich shirt at Comic Con, say hi!  🙂