Ho ho ho, Dr. N-R-Gee tries to ruin Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Richie Rich fans! I hope you are having a wonderful day with friends and family! Today we have an appropriately Christmas themed story, with the added bonus of some action and villains! First, we’ll start with a little one pager to get you into the Richie Christmas spirit…


And now to the main story…

IMG_0698 IMG_0699 IMG_0700 IMG_0701 IMG_0702 IMG_0703 IMG_0704 IMG_0705 IMG_0706 IMG_0707

Merry Merry Christmas!


Is that a Richie Rich-thrown newspaper? AAAAHHH, I want it!

Today’s story is an interesting one and gives us some insight into celebrity culture. I recall Justin Bieber’s leftover breakfast was selling on ebay a few months ago, but what would you give for a newspaper hand-delivered by the Biebs? Well, probably nothing, but what if it was hand-delivered by Paul McCartney? That would be worth saving and displaying! Enjoy!

IMG_0569 IMG_0570 IMG_0571 IMG_0572 IMG_0573

What did you think? I suppose this story won’t make much sense in few more years as no one will get the paper anymore!

Mrs. Rich gets her flirt on

When I was a wee one, I didn’t give Mrs. Rich much thought. But now that I am a woman myself, I find myself relating to her much more. Not in the jewelry sense, but if I were Regina, a stay at home mom with no housework to do, mother to the world’s most self-sufficient person who needs nothing from me, with a husband who is always traveling or working, and with friends consisting of random rich ladies whom I barely know; I would do as she and many a rich lady before her have done. Which is, hire a bunch of cute guys to work for you and spend your day flirting your brains out.

In this tale, Regina reaps all the benefits of innocent flirting involving a flush in the cheeks, a lot of giggling, and the feeling of being a young girl again! She also does well at employing three of the major tenants of man manipulation. She is a damsel in distress who needs to be saved, she is the fun and spontaneous “cool girl” up for anything, and she suggests that another man can easily do the job.

No man can resist these ploys! And so, our dear Bascomb gets himself into some very odd situations, but it is a win-win in the end because she gets a youthful glow and he gets to feel like a hero. And best of all, we finally get to spend time with our old friend, Mrs. Van Lard!

IMG_0646 IMG_0647 IMG_0648 IMG_0649 IMG_0650

Oh no, Dripson’s going to have a broken back! What did you think? It’s good to be rich!

And if you have time for more Richie fun, Occupy Richie Rich is putting up stories now too, so the Richie adventures never have to end! Adults only as the commentary is not safe for kids.


I found another story just like this one, but without all the flirting! Enjoy…

2015-04-02 23.04.57 2015-04-02 23.05.01 2015-04-02 23.05.05 2015-04-02 23.05.09 2015-04-02 23.05.12

Old timey Mrs. Rich is not as hip and happening as 70’s Mrs. Rich!

Richie meets the Youth Maker and becomes a baby! Or does he?

A funny thing I’ve noticed lately while compiling these stories is that often a Richie cover will really catch your attention and you start getting excited about where the corresponding story may go. Sometimes it meets or exceeds your expectations, and other times you have no idea what the story and the cover have in common.

Here’s a little example: How cool does this cover look? What kind of story might go with this? It seems very modern and like Richie might see a bunch of bad things happening at once on TV and rush off with Cadbury to try and fix them was my thought.


Turns out it was just advertising this one pager:


Huh? Your multi-million dollar TV wall blows out, leaving you in a room of broken glass, but you’re smiling because it makes an R shape? Curious indeed.

And now to our story today; from this cover I was very excited to see baby Richie and his cute little cartoon tush, but the cover was a bit misleading. It’s still a fun story though, it just requires a bit of an expectation adjustment! Enjoy!

IMG_0678 IMG_0679IMG_0680IMG_0681IMG_0682IMG_0683IMG_0684IMG_0685IMG_0686IMG_0687IMG_0688

Hurumpf! No cute baby Richie at all. Strange. But, how cool is the tuxedo blimp/bow tie combo? I love it! And if you like adults turning into babies, click here:


Update: Found a baby Richie pic, it’s not the one I was searching for, I swear there’s a whole baby Richie story somewhere, but this story cheated us of cute baby Richie pics so here you go:


The above pic is from the Richie Rich movie comic, if you want to read the whole thing, click this link:     https://www.omgbeaupeep.com/comics/Richie_Rich/674/

And here is another cute one:

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.01.16 PM

This picture comes from here:


What a cutie!

Gloria Glad becomes Gloria Mad!

Yiiish, our sweet little Gloria gets a serious bee in her bonnet in this tale! I would not want to be Richie, but it does give him a good indicator of what marriage to Gloria could be like. Methinks the lady doth protest too much though, most gals would be more than happy to have such pampering from a suitor! Brace yourself for Gloria’s wrath and read on…

IMG_0598 IMG_0599 IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0602

Run for the hills, Richie! Or actually you could have just walked back about 10 steps to Gloria’s house and saved yourself all that phone hassle, but it’s probably better not to be yelled at in person. What do you think of this version of Gloria?

If you like Gloria being annoyed at Richie’s spending stories, check this out:


If you’d like to see another story where Richie may be second guessing a marriage to Gloria, check this out:


Cadbury’s secret weakness, and yes, it’s what you assumed…

Today my cutie pie Cadbury reveals his secret weakness! And it’s one that is extremely fitting for him! Enjoy and check out Richie’s gigantic remote control!

IMG_0582 IMG_0583 IMG_0584 IMG_0585 IMG_0586

I cannot stop laughing at this frame!


Oh my, I am going to have to kick someone jauntily tomorrow in a Cadbury-like fashion!

Is your weakness chocolate?