Chicka chicka boing slam rowf and the laughing oysters of Goombi island!

I’m so happy with this first story as a reader had asked about it looooong ago and I just finally found it and can post it! I have posted more mystery Richie questions at the end of this blog so maybe you will know where I can find these stories and make another Richie reader happy!


What a fun story, very different than the usual Richie fare!

And now to a few one-pagers featuring Mrs. Rich’s obsession with jewelry. I don’t get the non-stop jewelry buying, but at least she finds practical uses for her things and helps the economy!


And now we see that Regina’s obsession takes some poor little clams away from their homeland; but hopefully they find happiness on the Rich estate.


Poor little pearls, their new home just comes with threats on their lives. But, their misfortune equals necklaces for everyone!

Also, in case you didn’t notice, I posted two blogs last month at the same time so in case you only read the top one, there is a great story in the second one where you get to meet Cadbury’s family!

And, if you’d like to help out in Richie detective work, I’ve had requests for the following stories and I have no idea where they would be. If you know, let me know!

•  A story in which Richie gets kidnapped and replaced with someone who looks exactly like him. A security guard also talks to the real Richie before he is kidnapped about the big night coming up, thinking he is lookalike Richie.

•  Richie and Gloria are walking in the mansion and they pass by a mouse hole decorated with jewels. Gloria is appalled, Richie pretends it’s just that his mom dropped a broach on the floor.

• Richie walks into a shop that does skywriting and the man calls him “Sonny”. Richie replies, “My name isn’t Sonny, it’s Richie Rich.” and the man realized he messed up the message that he had skywritten for Richie. Maybe a message for Gloria?

• What is Bascomb’s full name?

• Adventure story where Richie and Mr. Rich are in a snowy area (perhaps a ski lodge) and are sitting at a table and Richie is drinking coffee and eating a hamburger.

Have a great September! And as always, comment with your thoughts when you have time because I love reading what people think of Richie stories!