Mr. Rich for a day and I discover what whiskers are

I bring you a fan favorite, the story of when Stevie Strange becomes Mr. Rich for a day, while Richard and Regina become faux poor for the millisecond. You will observe Regina acting especially embarrassing to the 70’s women’s movement in this story with her utter lack of fishing expertise. I don’t wish to ruin the plot for those of you that haven’t read this, so I explain the whiskers at the end!

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And now to the whiskers! When I saw the below frame as a youngster, I was so confused!


My Dad was fair-haired so although he occasionally had blond stubble; we never called it “whiskers”. When I saw this comic, I mistakenly assumed that adults have black spikes sticking out of their faces and that was how you could tell they were adults. I spent the following year looking at every adult’s face; trying to see their secret hidden sticky-out black things so that I could say, “I knew you were an adult!”. Which was probably not a shock to them, nor anyone else; but who can tell that to a little kid with a yen to be a detective? I did eventually meet a friend’s Grandmother who had a large black chin hair sticking out and even though I was in my 20’s by then, I nodded and smiled to myself, knowing I could prove this old lady was an ADULT! Ha ha, she was not fooling me!  Did any Richie stories mess you up as a tot?

In other news, as one of our dear readers pointed out, there are 600 employees in the Rich mansion. Did they all fit in the ice cream truck? And if yes, who let them out? I suppose Irona could easily have busted them out from inside the truck, but it’s odd that she came out for ice cream in the first place as she can’t eat it. And how did she magically appear on the island in the last scene? More importantly, there are ice cream soda fountains all over the mansion, would the servants really be that excited to have ice cream? I think not.


And lastly, look at this, the story we just read and a frame from a completely different story. Yet, same crooks with same expressions. Veddy curious…

IMG_6831 2013-08-31 23.11.53


3 comments on “Mr. Rich for a day and I discover what whiskers are

  1. Harry says:

    This was an entertaining story with a “hair-brained” scheme which proved to be the tell-tale clue in the end! You bring up an excellent point about their excitement over ice cream, but I suppose that they had to feign the enthusiasm and follow orders to go outside if faux Mr. Rich wanted them to. I worked with an Indian man named Manoher for a few years. He was a very nice guy and we had good times with one another, but what always fascinated me was this long, solitary hair that grew from the middle of the tip of his nose. It was seriously the length of a head hair, but he seemingly never noticed it or if he did, bother to remove it. There were so many times I just wanted to quickly yank it out and on many occasions, I would miss entirely what he was saying because I was so fixated on it. I even started to wonder if Manoher was an Indian word for “My nose hair”. I never did address the hair with him, though I still wonder if it continues to grow today.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Was the villain in this story based on Babyface Nelson, or at least named after him?

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