Richie, Freckles & Peewee explore the mansion and Richie earns billions in his sleep

Today is another very exciting day in Richieland, I discovered another blog posting Richie stories! Hurrah! And, for those of you Jackie Jokers fans, there are quite a few Jackie stories which makes me happy for you as I completely forget to post about Jackie.

In other genres I forget about, the last blog with the Manta Adventure Story from Ze Mastor made a lot of you very giddy so I will look for more adventure stories to post. In great news, another guest blog from Ze Mastor is coming soon!

And, there is still another amazing thing! I found a Richie explores the house story I’ve never read! Oh happy day! And a one-pager! Enjoy!

2017-03-21 12.28.30.jpgOh Cadbury, you are the best!

2017-03-21 12.57.122017-03-21 12.57.192017-03-21 12.35.492017-03-21 12.35.542017-03-21 12.35.58

What a house! They have barely scratched the surface! I do think with all the 100s of servants working there, one could stagger their off days. But, what do I know of running a mansion? And if you wanted to know more about PeeWee not speaking, click below:

If you’re like me and love Richie exploring the house stories, click below!

This one-pager below makes me smile, I love when adults don’t realize who they’re talking to and Richie gets some disrespect. Although, it clearly states the mines belong to Richie so these guys need to read!

2017-03-21 12.36.14.jpgAnd now to a story with my beloved Cadbury, who takes the best care of wittle, sleepy Richie.

2017-03-21 12.40.422017-03-21 12.40.452017-03-21 12.40.482017-03-21 12.40.512017-03-21 12.40.55

Phew! That would have been terrible for a normal person that would be bankrupt after blowing half a million. But, Richie made a profit while asleep, those are some excellent genetics!

Have a great day!


19 comments on “Richie, Freckles & Peewee explore the mansion and Richie earns billions in his sleep

  1. HMCurator says:

    What a fun bunch of stories! Thank you as always for sharing Gloria! And I’ll have to check out Funny Book Funnies too!

  2. SteveAsat says:

    Richie has a Sad Sack “bobo doll”! And Casper on TV. The cross-promotion is strong in this youngling.

    Far be it from me to tell Cadbury how to do his job, but…despite how well it turned out, I suspect the prudent thing to have done would be to simply SIT on sleepwalking Richie until he woke up. And, sure, the Helicar was essential to the story, but now I’m craving a prequel explaining exactly how a flying car fits into a weekend camping trip. I don’t doubt that it was indeed stay-awake-for-three-days-exciting…but I doubt it resembled Blair Witch Project.

    • Now you are making me want to read the prequel too! Maybe they can write it up in the new stories. It also reminds me of the Shel Silverstein poem, “Mrs. McTwitter the babysitter, I think she’s a little bit crazy. She thinks a baby sitter’s supposed to sit upon the baby.” Richie could have used a Mrs. McTwitter. 🙂

    • HMCurator says:

      Took me a minute to find Sad Sack. I have heard them called “bop bags” or “punch bags” but never “bobo dolls”. Thank you Steve for that tidbit of information! Harvey had Casper made as a “punch bag” (see and also Richie Rich (I will be posting several eventually), but I don’t think they ever made Sad Sack…

      • SteveAsat says:

        …and now I know the significance of the box marked “Little Max Doll”, especially in a Pee-Wee story.

        The name “Bobo doll” became kinda famous because that’s what it was called in the legendary 1960s child-psych experiments concluding that aggression on TV will provoke aggression in kids who view it. But then again, as one critic notes, what else are you going to do with a Bobo doll if you aren’t punching it?

  3. Ze Mastor says:

    Those jerk factory owners and shady amusement park operators should be ashamed of themselves for financially exploiting a minor! Even though it turned out to be quite profitable for Richie in the end, maybe these guys need a visit from a lawyer to explain how minors cannot enter into legal contracts, etc.

    • SteveAsat says:

      LOL yeah, the part of me that took a Contracts course was screaming inside. Sometimes the MST3K Mantra is hard to maintain.

  4. Travis Heath says:

    Hi, Gloria—I had no idea that Richie had a short lived comic strip in the newspapers—did you know this? I read this article on Monday, and I’ve been in shock ever since, wishing my newspapers back in 1980 had carried it. Have you ever seen any of those strips anywhere? (Richie is listed towards the bottom of the list)




  5. Travis Heath says:

    I did find a few more with a Google Search that brough me here:


    • SteveAsat says:

      That strip with the robot Cadburies has an unnerving number of motion lines. I seem to recall Mr. Rich making that same move in the comics; it doesn’t convey mild surprise so much as suggesting a major tremor. I think it’s a mistake for artists to exaggerate movement when drawing for a younger reader. I was hypersensitive to detail as a kid and I don’t suppose I was atypical. Abstraction may go over a child’s head, but visual subtlety is not lost on them – just meddle with a tiny portion of one page in their favorite storybook and see how long it takes them to cry foul.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It seems to me that Freckles can sometimes be a little overprotective of his little brother.

  7. Michael Pope says:

    One of my favorite Richie mansion stories had Freckles and PeeWee stuck in the RIch Mansion for two weeks when RIchie is quarantined with the measles. He shows them around the mansion, including a room labelled “Richie’s Arctic” which is essentially a large cold room with a raging blizzard and a polar bear. All the while, Freckles parents are worried that he and PeeWee won’t be satisfied with life in their small house after 2 weeks of luxury at Rich Mansion.

  8. Ronn D. says:

    I remember a Richie story where he and freckles (no pee wee) had to count how many rooms there were in the Rich mansion, and I think they had sleeping bags, and Richie warned freckles that they were coming to a part of the mansion that had wild animals, and Freckles said “Really???” And Richie said “Relax, Freckles, I’m kidding!” I ALWAYS thought that was hilarious! And there was a one pager where Dollar is outside the front door and he scratches and barks to be let in the house, and no one hears him, and then the phone rings in the house, Richie answers, and there’s a loud ROWF!! on the other end, then Richie opens the door, Dollar walks in with a smirk on his face, and Richie thinks to himself “I still haven’t figured out how he does that!” Hilarious! Both are from the mid to late 70’s I think, both drawn by the greatest cartoonist to ever walk the earth, Warren Kremer.

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