Happy Valentine’s from Richie and Gloria

Happy Valentine’s everyone! I loved how pretty the digitized Gems looked last week and handily enough, I had the Valentine’s Gems that Weldon spoke of in the previous blog:


So, our first story is a new(ish) story from Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón!

2016-02-14 11.17.152016-02-14 11.17.222016-02-14 11.17.252016-02-14 11.17.302016-02-14 11.17.34

Not getting the romance in seeing a hairy dude dressed up in your clothes singing. And was it also a friendly Valentine for Freckles and Peewee? Why were they at her house?

It seems like Reggie was going for the long game to finally get Gloria by NEXT Valentine’s Day. Sheesh, a year of sabotage and courtship!

And now some re-colored old favorites:

2016-02-14 11.18.312016-02-14 11.17.06

And now we go back to ye olden days with a lot of modern technology. This story is sweet as they are young kids, but if Richie and Gloria were just a few years older, Richie would be considered a stalker and would have a restraining order on him.  Enjoy!

2016-02-12 16.08.582016-02-12 16.09.01 2016-02-12 16.09.10 2016-02-12 16.09.17 2016-02-12 16.09.22

Yiish, Mr. Glad! You better put your daughter in the nunnery ASAP!

If you’d like another romantic Richie and Gloria story, click below:


And, I found the recolored version of one of my favorite stories so I added it to an earlier post just for fun to compare the two.


Happy Valentine’s!


12 comments on “Happy Valentine’s from Richie and Gloria

  1. SteveAsat says:

    It only just now occurs to me how many gingers there are in Richville. I mean, Irona makes sense, after all, since she’s both ferrous and based on the stereotypical Irish housemaid. But Freckles, Gloria, and Reggie? (Admittedly, Reggie didn’t start out that way.)

    And I got a chill when Richie said “Irona, do what you will”. The look on her face is like when The Iron Giant’s eyes go red and he switches into Killbot mode. Run, Reggie, run!

    Wish I could make out Mayda’s street’s name. I bet it’s amusing. 777 Haughte Avenue? Is that a double-entendre?

  2. SteveAsat says:

    When the richest kid in the world wants to stalk you, you’re gonna get stalked. Bank on it. It’s kind of nice to see that two-way TV and all the other gadgets, which barely add up to a flip-phone from 2005. A simple reminder that WE’RE LIVING IN THE FUTURE, WOO-HOO!!! And stuff that used to be only the fantasies of the ultra-wealthy is now our daily reality. But although Richie comes off a little obsessive, it’s the Glads’ relationship that strikes an odd note for me. “I’ll devote all my time to Dad on our vacation” sounds like something that only gets said in families headed straight for long-term therapy.
    I always liked the panel of Gloria biting into the gift box. It makes me wonder how many thumbnails the artist went through before saying “Yes, THIS conveys Biting-Into-What-Might-Be-Cardboard-But-Isn’t without looking weird.” I like to imagine that he also whipped out a little sketch for the writer, titled What-I’m-Going-To-Do-To-The-Next-Script-That-Includes-Instructions-Like-“Gloria-Cautiously-Bites-Into-The-Box”. In the first story, Colon does a terrific job on Gloria’s dad (pocket-protector and all) reacting to seeing his daughter sitting on a mountain of candy with two boys…not to mention the priceless college-grunge-band-for hire.

  3. Hee hee, I agree, so many Richie gadgets exist nowadays, those writers were ahead of their time. I still really want the flying car with the anti-collision stabilizer though. https://richierichcomicsfanclub.wordpress.com/2013/08/27/one-of-my-favorite-richie-stories/
    Thank you for commenting!

  4. Hugh says:

    This is made up:

    Gloria: It better not be an expensive gift.

    Annoying Orange: I’m not expensive, I’m an orange! Hahahaha!

    • In funny news, I went to Comic Con in San Diego about 4-5 years ago and since Richie Rich is all I care about, I expected it to be Richie Rich Fest and was very disappointed there was nothing Richie or Harvey related. But, I had my kids with me and they made us go to every Annoying Orange panel. So Richie Rich/Annoying Orange are tied together for me!

  5. Jonathan says:

    An interesting idea. What if Cadbury was related to Gloria?

  6. Gloria’s such a cutie. I can’t help but read her dialogue with the voice of Nancy Cartwright (from the 1980 cartoon) in my head.

    I don’t think Gloria and Cadbury are kin, but take a look at Spooky’s girlfriend Poil sometime. She could be a long-deceased relative (owing, of course, to Harvey Comic’s art style and a penchant for hair bows on girls).

  7. Kanna-Chan says:

    That soda-pop is gonna go flat before she drinks it all.

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