Richie meets his planetary doppelgänger and Gloria is a Billionaire?

My favorite stories are always the ones where Richie explores his house. I am so fascinated by the Rich mansion and how they only seem to live in about 10 rooms, and the other 990 are mostly unexplored. This story is not about the Rich mansion per se, but it does give us a tour of another Rich estate. Intrigued? Enjoy!

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What did you think? I love how Richie’s relatives always look exactly like him and generally have the same name in the past and the future! And there are so many inventions featured in Richie stories that actually exist now, I have been waiting for the anti-collision stabilizer for years!  This story also makes me laugh because Richie is getting so pissed off on the last page and he is generally so jolly. It’s nice to see him annoyed!

It’s also a fairly ironic story because there are tons of Richie stories where he is showing someone around the mansion and saying, “Oh, that’s one of our 14 pools, oh, that’s my solid gold encrusted baseball bat.” so that he has the gall to think the future Richie is showing off, I say pot, meet kettle!


If you like seeing a rich version of Gloria, check out this story:


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