Adventures with Cadbury’s ex-bosses and more exploring the mansion!

In my last post I said I hoped to find the Cadbury/Ruddy Blighter story and wouldn’t you know, the very next day I pulled out a digest and there it was! And I thought it would be so funny to post the day after I said I would look for it and now here we are months later. Whoops! But, I also found another ex-boss of Cadbury so now we have two for the price of one. Plus, I found a bunch of exploring the mansion stories that were new to me so that makes me giddy!

First up, Cadbury and Ruddy Blighter. I apologize for the poor quality, I always go back and add higher quality versions of stories as I find them, but for the moment this is just my yellowing digests!

Swooooon…..Cadbury kicking that boulder/juggernaut! So many great lines in this, “Do appear to be fit, old fellow!” “Dash it all, old fruit!”

And now we head to a female boss of Cadbury! No love connection here, however…

Punching and kicking my Cadbury!!!! That will not do! I would happily engage in a bout of fisticuffs with this rawther uncivilized woman. And why no apology Richie? You brain Cadbury with a door and just say, “I didn’t know you were standing there?” You also need to apologize!

What a stench that mansion must have had with all that gurgling oil. And if you like Cadbury’s life before the Rich family, don’t forget this one:

Now to a cute one pager with an uncouth Cadbury??

Phew, just an uncouth relative! And if you want to see more stories of Cadbury’s relatives, check out these links:

And now we move on to my favorite type of Richie stories, yes, you’ve heard it 8 million times before, but for those in the cheap seats, I love exploring the mansion stories! Enjoy!

I love this story!! What did you think? And now more Freckles and mansion exploration…

Yet another Richie invention that came to fruition, those finders and receivers are the precursor to laser tag guns. Such an amazing house!

And now for some dear sweet baby face Richie, I looooove how he looks in these old comics! And trigger warning, there’s a quarantine involved so if you’ve had enough of virus-related things, you may want to skip this one.

So sweet! There’s no place like home. It does make me a bit sad to see how happy Richie was having other kids to play with at the mansion. He is a lonely little rich boy, even stupid Reggie got a sister, but Richie had no one. I guess Dollar and Cadbury do eventually come along to be his besties, but glad he got this brother time with Freckles and Peewee.

I leave you with this darling one pager below and remember there are tons more exploring the mansion stories, tons more Cadbury, and even Reggie getting a sister stories to be found by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top left and typing in “exploring the mansion” or “Cadbury” or “Penny van dough”. Plus, if you want to know why there can never be an accurate count of all the rooms in the Rich mansion, check out this story:


16 comments on “Adventures with Cadbury’s ex-bosses and more exploring the mansion!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know that Richie had the measles, but it didn’t look that way. One of the symptoms of measles is a rash of itching red spots, like the chickenpox, but I didn’t see any on Richie. I think that the cartoonist forgot to draw them.

  2. Alan says:

    In reference to the story “Living It Up”, it always bothered me that the Friendlys were living in such squalor. I mean, chunks of drywall missing in the house, discarded crates used as furniture, etc.. If Richie is so close to his family, you would think he could persuade his father to offer Mr. Friendly a position with a better salary and benefits. By the way Friendly is dressed, he appears to be some sort of skilled laborer. Shouldn’t be that difficult for HR to find something for him.,..

  3. Rosalind Wright says:

    Is there someone here I could email in regards to finding a specific Richie Rich comic? My Mum talks fondly of a comic where he goes to Niagra Falls. Would anyone happen to know which edition this could be in? I’d like to get it for her as a present as she’s rather unwell at the moment. Thank you, Roz.

  4. TR says:

    Do you remember the story where Richie discovers a mysterious car on a track in a tunnel deep inside his house, and it takes him to strange places? Then it crashes and he thinks it was all a dream. What issue was that in? Thanks

  5. Anonymous says:

    Clearly most of Cadbury’s previous employers were not very nice people.

  6. jiles says:

    I always wondered why Richie never helped out too. … Peewee and Freckle’s home made me wince – looked like a biker drug den in there — with that broken window that stayed unbroken for over the whole quarantine! The ending was a non-twist twist of good old-fashioned sweetness, really lovely!

    The Texas lady was clearly insane (as maybe all of Cadbury’s employers were — incl. Mr. and Mrs. Rich?) … poor thing must have died of toxic poisoning not long after Cadbury left. I’m glad little Dots mania just involved round things.

    I love the house mystery ones too! As fun as they are, there was something a bit creepy and surreal in them: To live in an infinite house with strange rooms no one knows about.

    Cadbury for sure rocks! But I always wondered if he loved Richie so much, he just made up these stories to amuse him. This blog is a treasure and I love it so much 🙂

  7. Geo. Raymond says:

    No comic titles, issue number and dates?

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