Take a visit to the 1930’s car show in the Rich mansion!

Oh, I am giddy! I thought I had read every “Richie explores the house” story, but I just came across one I’ve never seen! So many rooms to explore, so many amazing things in wings of the mansion no one ever enters. This gives me hope that there are still more house stories to find! But first, a funny Mayda one-pager. 🙂


And now, we explore the house! read-richie-rich-comics-online-free-005read-richie-rich-comics-online-free-006read-richie-rich-comics-online-free-007read-richie-rich-comics-online-free-008read-richie-rich-comics-online-free-009read-richie-rich-comics-online-free-012read-richie-rich-comics-online-free-013read-richie-rich-comics-online-free-014read-richie-rich-comics-online-free-015read-richie-rich-comics-online-free-016

How amazing is that? An entire car show just walled up. All those cars that were cutting edge technology for the time, just sitting there, covered in dust. What else is walled up in that mansion? I wish they had shown just a few more rooms. At least we have some other exploring the house stories to read and enjoy:









And why, with all of their money, the Rich’s still can’t seem to hire anyone but this idiot to search the house. And Mr. Woody, the world’s worst carpenter, to build things. But, I assume most of their guards and business employees of Rich industries are former crooks they promised jobs to, so they don’t really attract the best and brightest. When you do, bad things happen, see below:


Did you enjoy that story? And have you ever worn a collar button? 🙂




7 comments on “Take a visit to the 1930’s car show in the Rich mansion!

  1. HMCurator says:

    I don’t remember that story at all! Good one!

  2. David Flynn says:

    I love this blog – it has rekindled my passion for Richie Rich and other Harvey titles!

    I recently found this site that has over 500+ full scans of Richie Rich comics:


  3. Ze Mastor says:

    Good to see you back! I liked the Mayda Munny story better than the “missing collar button” story. The rich, petulant and insanely jealous Mayda is the perfect foil for Richie and Gloria. I like her and she’s really, really funny. But the collar button story… it’s really weird to see Mr. Rich throw a toddler’s temper tantrum over a collar button. Usually, Mr. Rich is so even-tempered, and a great role model. But here, he’s like “Wah!!! I don’t want THAT collar button, I MUST HAVE my special one or I’LL NEVER BE HAPPY AGAIN!” Needs a smack upside the head by Mrs. Rich!

  4. tref says:

    Why have you stopped? Go, go, go!

  5. Anonymous says:

    That detective was Gloria’s uncle. And Mr. Woody maybe incompetent but he is a very nice man. Because of these factors, Richie is always trying to help people like them. He is very compassionate and sympathetic.

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