The most thrilling ride in the world!

As our dear reader, Steve, pointed out a few blogs ago, there are occasionally some funny colorations in Richie stories that make him appear to be wearing white boxers or a large diaper!


And sometimes blue is used strangely as in this Smurf man walking around.


And this one where Richie’s legs look like a Smurf wearing a diaper.


And now we have a fun story that would require most people to need a diaper, or “nappy” for our UK fans! Enjoy!

IMG_6811 IMG_6812 IMG_6813 IMG_6814 IMG_6815

That looks very fun!

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4 comments on “The most thrilling ride in the world!

  1. What comic shows Gloria playing football in a football uniform with Richie and the boys?

  2. Hi, unfortunately I don’t remember that story, but I have sent out an email to someone who knows everything Richie so hopefully I will get an answer for you. I will post a story of Mrs. Rich playing football, maybe that can help?

  3. Well, sure, why not? Also, I hope your friend can help me.

  4. David Ian Denver says:

    Richie Rich I wish I was like you

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