Richie has some problems with the ladies…

Happy July, today we are running a two-for-one girl problems special! The first story involves exploring the Rich mansion, oh happy day!

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What a huge mansion, you get bored even while traveling down the hall on rocket skates. How did Mr. Rich ever find that wing of the house to hide Richie’s present? Gloria doesn’t seem to be affected by the “man in uniform” attraction at all! She is quite peeved!

And now, we switch to poor Mayda trying to flirt her way into Richie’s heart. But, Richie is having none of it!

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Go Richie! Mayda just doesn’t get it. She and Reggie would be a perfect fit, except they would both hate each other too much to get married. I need to find the story where Richie and Mayda get married…or do they? I will look for it and try to post it soon! What did you think of these cute stories?

10 comments on “Richie has some problems with the ladies…

  1. HMCurator says:

    Two great stories! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Larry T says:

    I remember reading these stories when I first bought the comics they were in. The one where Mayda tries to act out of character always entertained me, because of Richie’s attitude towards her. Even though he references that he doesn’t like her because she always shows off her wealth, the unsaid reference is that we know as readers she’s always such a b*tch and that’s why once past the wealth display, Richie still stands there and watches her as she puts herself in the situations where she could hurt herself. If it were Gloria, Richie would have run and held her back for example, saying “Gloria, be careful, there are diamonds hanging from the ceiling- you could hit your head”. 🙂

    Does anyone remember the story where Mayda took the Cinderella potion so she would be really nice, and then her true colours showed through when it wore off?

  3. SteveAsat says:

    I well remember that issue of Jackpots (#20) with the Rich/Munny wedding. Probably because it so closely resembled many a cover from the Lois Lane comic. If I recall correctly, Mayda’s scheme in that story was just as loopy as anything LL devised. Looking back I kinda feel bad for Mayda since her defining trait as a character is “wants to marry Richie”. At least Lois also got to be a hard-nosed crusading journalist.

    Wait a minute…those white pants. That red blouse..the sofa. OMG, Mayda is Phoebe Cates just before the finale of Lace!

  4. Hugh says:

    There is a story where Gloria decided to spend money on both herself and him to keep him from spending a lot of money. However, he buys the stores behind her back.

    Also, Richie told Gloria to look through the telescope and she sees the moon giving to her by Richie. (I think this would be a good Internet meme, thus replacing the moon with other images.)

    It’s in Richie Rich #17

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why doesn’t Mayda just kidnap Richie and try to force him to be her boyfriend?

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