See Dollar’s dreams, his fine wardrobe, pigging out and getting braces!

Time for more Dollar stories! A few of today’s stories (1, 4, 5) are especially meaningful for me because they come from one of my original four Richie digests that I read nine million times as a kid. All of these stories are “classic” Richie stories to me and it’s great to read them as an adult as there was a lot I didn’t grasp as a kid! For more on my classics, check out these stories:

But, first to this awesome one-pager with a very aptly named kid!


Look at Orville trying to gaslight poor Richie. You’re the fibber, not dear Richie!

And now to a most amazing invention, I have been waiting all my life for this, I would love to see my dreams!


Aw, they are so cute! I wonder if Dollar’s dream human voice is normal or like a Scooby Doo type voice?

Speaking of cute, if this next story isn’t in the dictionary under cute, I don’t know what is!


“He’ll be in down in a moment, Mr. Crook.” Such politeness! Now I see why everyone tries to steal from them, such a refined and genial experience, a pleasure to rob from!

And now we go to one of our favorite pairs of nemeses (had to look up the plural of nemesis), Chef Pierre and Dollar!


Dollar with a food belly always cracks me up! And now, the whole mansion is empty for no apparent reason, but thank goodness for Dollar!


I love Richie and his dad saying, “Blah blah”. I say that all the time, now I know why!

I know I am a broken record, but how do all 600 servants take off the same day???? And why is the front door wide open?? And where are the estate police? How did they not see these crooks driving up???? Although really if the  vault was robbed, woopdeedoo. It would be like if Jeff Bezos was robbed of a penny. It’s not like there aren’t one zillion other vaults filled to the brim just laying around rotting. Or buried in Gloria’s yard!

And now for the featured performance, Dollar gets braces! As a kid reading this I assumed dogs getting braces was a normal thing, but I have yet to see a real dog with braces. Get your sunglasses on and prepare for this fun story!


Interesting that Richie became a redhead at the end, just like his son:

Speaking of redheads, Nurse Jenny appears to be moonlighting at the horsodontics office. Braces off in two weeks! Wouldn’t that be amazing!

UPDATE: Have done some research and dog braces is a thing! As is the quick turnaround!

What did you think of these Dollar stories?


Cadbury is a hippie? And finally some Dollar stories!

I have been Slackey McSlackerson with this poor little rich blog and with Comic-con virtual this year, I wasn’t even inspired to do my once a year “I’m going to Comic-con” post! But, a lovely reader asked yesterday if I had any Dollar stories so I searched the blog and discovered I have only posted ONE Dollar story! I hang my head in shame!

I went on a mission this morning to find some Dollar and on my search I found this amazing Cadbury story! And you know I love me some Cadbury..


I love them saying Freaky! And I love Cadbury’s outfit! And Nurse Jenny, who knew she was a secret hottie? She should have kept the long hair, perhaps she could have attracted Cadbury’s eye.

I looked up what “immies” means, it is apparently a type of marble so Cadbury is just saying “lost their marbles”. Which reminds me of a funny Regina story where Richard thinks she is going crazy because someone tells him she’s “lost her marbles”, but she legitimately loses Richie’s marbles, and then they say she has “bats in the belfry”, but she legit is knocking bats out of the belfry with a broom. Looks like I have more research to do to find that story! And now back to Dollar…

I asked myself why I haven’t posted much with Dollar and I think I was so annoyed by the cartoon Dollar who always acted like a complete idiot that it poisoned my view of good ol’ comic book Dollar who is smart and capable and like a dog version of Cadbury. Which segues perfectly to this story:


Jeez Richie, fat shaming much? Just kidding, I love politically incorrect fat jokes in Richie comics, they always make me laugh. See below post for a plump post:

And now to another fun switcheroo Dollar story, what if Richie were the pet?


It never ceases to amaze/annoy me that any crook at any time can just wander into the Rich mansion. Where are the estate police? Why don’t they lock the front door and windows? And why even enter the house, there is money literally blowing around from the money laundry conveyor belt or exploding from overfilled vaults all over the estate. Just scale the wall, hold out a sack with a dollar sign on it, thousands will blow into your sack and you’re out, no cops or dog bites required.

And now, one more Dollar story for the day, poor Dollar gets his little heart broken, but it all ends well!


Aw, back together again and the play was twice as dramatic! I must say the farmer/Texan person was a fortune teller, how did he know about the “world situation” we are all currently going through. Prophetic indeed. Hope you enjoyed and I have gathered more stories from my morning research so I will be posting again soon. 🙂


Richie shows off his swimming pool and Dollar discovers his dislike of 4D TV

Breaking Richie news: The new TV series is out on Netflix on February 20th!

And now back to our regularly scheduled post…

I love the early Richie comics and the way they were drawn. The gang in this first story is so unbelievably cute I can hardly take it. Richie is so cuddly and full of baby fat, but PeeWee’s little belly in his giant shorts is even better! So cute I may explode!!! Enjoy…


Harkins seems like quite a nice, efficient fellow, however, I’m surprised he didn’t have a more butlery bathing costume. But, he is clearly no Cadbury and does not keep up with an intensive exercise regime. And how is PeeWee’s suit staying on? Look at his little face when he invites Harkins for a hot dog, precious!

I am not a fan of that pool elevator. If it malfunctions, you can’t get out of the pool! A ladder or two would do no harm, Richard. Especially as PeeWee appears to be drowning in the pool.

I would love if that sunblock machine existed, it would make beach trips so much easier.

And now on to a Dollar story. I have never had much interest in Dollar, but I always love when Richie comics predict inventions that exist now, like 3D TV, albeit in a not as exciting or house-destroying form.

2014-08-18 11.45.372014-08-18 11.45.412014-08-18 11.45.462014-08-18 11.45.512014-08-18 11.45.56

And if you like crazy TV stories, you may want to revisit this post:

I love how even on hoverscooter, it still takes Richie an hour to get back and forth from the East Wing!

What did you think? And…do you have any stories you haven’t seen in years that you’d like me to find? I feel the need for a new Richie mission.

The magical 70’s, when an American Airlines plane ride=a free Richie Rich comic!

I remember so well boarding a plane in the late 70’s with my family to go visit Grandma. All of us were gussied up in fancy dresses and suits, for no other reason than because one dressed up to go on a plane. How quaint it seems now! And the best part was waiting until after takeoff, when the plane had leveled off and the stewardesses/flight attendants started walking around taking your lunch or dinner order. Because you were allowed to ask them for a FREE kid’s pack that came with a special American Airlines coloring book and crayons!

But on that particular flight, when we asked the stewardess for our pack, she handed us this:


A FREE RICHIE RICH COMIC!!! WHAT??????!!! I still can’t look at this cover without it raising my heartrate off the charts. How amazing to get your absolute favorite comic as a gift, just for the price of a measly plane ticket. We were expecting the generic coloring book and perhaps a set of wings after visiting the pilot! But, this special day, I got my very own Richie Rich comic that I didn’t have to share with anyone and I was the giddiest goat that was ever giddy!! What a day, what a moment, such bliss………………

We took one more American flight during the time period of Astro comics (1968-1979) and the second comic was as exciting as the first! The only negative was that the flight home was the same comic. But, it was nice to give to a friend as a souvenir.

I also remember the first time they stopped giving out the comics and getting the coloring book instead and just being devastated. You can’t go back to a stupid coloring book after being given the holy grail!

For more information on Astro comics, do check out the links below:

Weekend Wayback Machine: AstroComics the American Airlines Inflight Comic Book

Here are a few of the one pagers I remember so fondly, every page in this comic seemed like the best one that ever existed!

2014-05-30 10.36.51 2014-05-30 10.39.43

And now, to the nice and long main event. I love this story! Enjoy…

2014-05-30 10.37.08 2014-05-30 10.37.40 2014-05-30 10.37.49 2014-05-30 10.38.07 2014-05-30 10.38.18 2014-05-30 10.38.31 2014-05-30 10.38.43 2014-05-30 10.38.49 2014-05-30 11.11.582014-05-30 10.39.07 2014-05-30 10.39.18 2014-05-30 10.39.51 2014-05-30 10.39.59 2014-05-30 10.40.17 2014-05-30 10.40.28 2014-05-30 10.40.38

What a noble ambition, he always dreamed of having a camp for RICH KIDS! And when they find out they have enough money to also invite the plebian children, all they can think of are the tips they will get. Humpf! I do not think the tall counselor should be around kids, he was quite scary, punching dogs, shooting arrows at kids and whatnot.

Hopefully the chief has other avenues of finding kids to come to camp, otherwise, Richie may as well stay home and play in his Indian village playhouse if it’s just his usual gang. And what was the power source for the teepee tv?

On a side note, I think Richie would be the easiest kid in the world to camp pack for, it’s just one outfit!


Did you like the story? Do you remember getting an Astro comic on the plane?